SOTU Round-Up: ‘Mr. Smooth’ Biden Beats Back ‘Bitter and Rude’ GOP in ‘Magic Moment’

February 9th, 2023 5:30 PM





The reviews are in and (unsurprisingly) leftist journalists were in a tizzy over President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign speech, uh, 2023 State of the Union address. 

Broadcast, cable hosts and reporters were “feeling great” about “Mr. Smooth” Biden’s “powerful” and “passionate” speech as they cooed over his “magic moment.” 

While liberal media types were impressed by an “energized” Biden and his “laundry list” of “accomplishments” they offered a thumbs-down to the “bitter and rude” Republicans in the audience. 

The following are just some of the most absurd (post-SOTU) outbursts from liberal journos, as caught by the NewsBusters staff:  


“Feeling Great” About “Mr. Smooth” Biden’s “Lovable” and “Centrist” Address



“I’m feeling great! That was a wonderful speech. Didn’t you think he was sort of Mr. Smooth?...He was elegant, he was civilized, he was conciliatory, he was reasonable, and maybe most of all, he sounded like a centrist, which is exactly where he wants to be….Biden’s speech…was quite mild and almost lovable with a lot of proposals that a lot of people are going to like.”
— MSNBC presidential historian Michael Beschloss on MSNBC’s live coverage of the State of the Union address, February 8. 


“Bitter and Rude” and “Angry” Republicans Vs. “Energized” “Hopeful” Biden

“This is one of the best speeches that Joe Biden has delivered as President. He came across as optimistic, hopeful. He seemed to be having a good time up there and even when he was delivering some of those harsh attacks on Republicans, he was doing it with a smile….The reaction….from the Republicans, at least the back bench Republicans who were heckling him and jeering him, played exactly into his message. They made the contrast. He was able to for a moment….portray the Republican opposition as a bunch of angry hecklers, people that….were bitter and rude.” 
— Correspondent Jonathan Karl on ABC’s Good Morning America, February 8.


Your Administration Has “Accomplished” So Much, Why Doesn’t the Public Recognize? 



“He [President Joe Biden] laid out very nicely what your administration has accomplished and did it in great detail. The thing is, though, the latest polls show Americans still think the economic policies are making their lives worse, that they don’t feel better off. What can you do to get the message across? We know the laundry list of all the things that have [been] accomplished, but yet for some reason, for many people, the message isn’t translating.”
— Co-host Gayle King to Vice President Kamala Harris on CBS Mornings, February 8.


“Madmen” of the GOP Are “Running the Asylum” 



“Biden understands the truth, which is [House Speaker Kevin] McCarthy has no power in that caucus. He’s along for the ride….The reality is the madmen are running the asylum….His Republican Party does not want to recognize how democracy works, does not want to take subverting the will of the people off the table. That’s the reality.”
— MSNBC host Alex Wagner on MSNBC’s live coverage of the State of the Union address, February 7. 


GOP = “Dumbest Political Party That’s Ever Existed” 



“Republicans, he [President Joe Biden] wants you to yell. He wants you to shout….He wants you to act like you were raised in a barn. Good job. You did all of those things….I really do think that there is a plant inside the RNC. And it is a Democrat that was planted in there somewhere like 2013, 2014 with the sole purpose of making Republicans the dumbest political party that’s ever existed.” 
— Co-host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, February 8. 


CNN Coos Over Joe’s “Passionate” “Powerful” Message, Best Biden “Speech” “Ever”



“I think this was the best speech I have ever heard him deliver. He was passionate, it was extremely well written, he clearly had practiced it and he — he delivered a powerful message to the American people.”
CNN Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s live coverage of the State of the Union, February 7.

“What we saw today….was the energy, upbeat, optimistic, but you also saw Joe Biden the politician at his best....When he spoke at the beginning of the evening about January 6th, and he said, our democracy faced the greatest threats since the civil war, Kevin McCarthy sat there and he did not clap.”
— Correspondent Jamie Gangel on CNN’s live coverage of the State of the Union, February 7. 

“This was a President who was ready to be in the arena….He was feeding off of the energy that he was getting back from the crowd in that room...Democrats could use this far-right wing of the Republican Party, this kind of MAGA crew to paint a picture for the American people….It’s a very stark contrast….that people get to choose between. And bonus, Biden comes across as someone who is enjoying himself and who has the energy to be in this job for another, you know, until he is well into his 80s.”
— CNN chief national affairs analyst Kasie Hunt on CNN’s live coverage of the State of the Union address, February 7. 


Joe’s “Magic Moment” 

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that that was the magic moment...People had questions about the vigor and the resilience of this President, he did as well as he could tonight.”
— CNN host Chris Wallace on CNN’s live coverage of the State of the Union, February 7. 


Huffing Over Huckabee’s Response

“She leaned so hard into the culture wars, that she just slid right into ignorance. For her to say, to revel in the fact she’s an alum of Little Rock Central High School and lauding the Little Rock Nine and their statues — they’re memorialized! When the Republicans, particularly in Florida and I guess now in Arkansas are going to make it illegal for students to learn about why the Little Rock Nine are significant and in bronze in Little Rock. This speech was entirely offensive. When she talks about Republicans are there for freedom and Americans, which Americans and what freedoms? What about the trans kids who have targets on their backs? Or LGBTQ kids in schools, or black kids in schools who can’t learn their history because government is making it illegal?...The message she just gave to the nation and on behalf of the Republican party just proves to me that the Republican party is lost, not lost, it is gone.”
— Jonathan Capehart on Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee’s response to State of the Union address as aired on PBS’s live coverage, February 7. 


Giddy About Joe Biden’s Address



Co-host Whoopi Goldberg: “That’s what you get when you get an older person because they know how to get you.”
Co-host Sunny Hostin: “That’s a statesman with 50-plus years of experience in Congress. That’s what they got. I thought it was so masterful….I think it’s one of the best times we’ve seen Joe Biden. He was at his best.”
Goldberg: “Aren’t you glad you watched?”
— ABC’s The View, February 8.