Job Finished: Nets Revel in Warnock Win After Hyping Walker’s ‘Series of Public Scandals’

December 7th, 2022 1:35 PM

The flagship broadcast network news programs were ebullient Wednesday morning on the heels of their team’s victory in Tuesday’s Georgia Senate runoff election with Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) defeating Republican Herschel Walker, whom ABC, CBS, and NBC boasted had “struggled to overcome” “one scandal after another” (and thus allowed Warnock to evade questions about his past).

On ABC’s Good Morning America, liberal congressional correspondent Rachel Scott bragged that Walker “spent much of his campaign fending off one scandal after another, accused of domestic violence, of lying about his resume, failing to publicly acknowledge several children and paying for two women to have abortions, which he denies” even though it “turned some voters...away.”



In the show’s second hour, Scott repeated this narrative: “Warnock said that this race was about two things, competence, and character, pointing to a string of controversies that plagued Herschel Walker's campaign.”

As our Rich Noyes wrote last week, the liberal media have been more than happy to focus on Walker’s personal failings and points of concern while having all but ignored the litany of questions about Warnock’s character, his church, and his treatment of women.

Scott also had gushed for Warnock, “who made history as the state’s first black senator, insisting Georgia sent a clear message to the country, reflecting on his path to the nation's capital.”

Biden stenographer Mary Bruce followed from the White House, hyping the win as “a big deal for Democrats” and sounded relieved at the fact that “they will not have to rely as much on the Vice President to cast that tie-breaking vote,” “gives Democrats a majority in committee,” and “wild card members...are less Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema who have so often been able to stymie the President's agenda”.

NBC correspondent Peter Alexander was similarly happy about the Warnock win on Today and promoted how the Peach State senator “reflect[ed] on his mother’s extraordinary journey” from a poor woman picking cotton to mother of a senator.

On Walker, Alexander only had negativity and focused on scandals: “Walker struggled to overcome a series of public scandals from allegations of domestic abuse to accusations he paid for two women to have abortions, claims that he vehemently denied.”

Senior Washington correspondent Hallie Jackson explained to the liberal audience afterward how this makes their team’s job easier (click “expand”):

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Can you explain, Hallie, for folks why it is that this helps         Democrats in the sense of they already had a majority? It was already a 50-50 Senate going in, now it’s going to be 51-49. Can you explain what that’s going to mean day to day in Washington?

JACKSON: Less procedural red tape. Just to put it in plain English, right? They don't have to do this kind of power sharing thing where they split committees, et cetera, et cetera, have to work more closely with Republicans. They now have an outright majority. Why does this matter, right? Let me take my Washington nerd hat off. This matters because Democrats really want to get, for example, judicial nominees through. They want to work to reshape the federal judiciary in a way that Republicans have done under former President Trump. This one seat makes that easier and it does give them more cushion day to day, even though it is only one seat. What if somebody gets sick, a couple people get sick? It takes a lot of the power out of the hands of just one single senator, right? You don't have somebody like, say, a Senator Joe Manchin, who can throw his weight around quite as much here and it gives Democrats a tiny bit of a cushion heading into the next election. I know we are wrapping up —

GUTHRIE: Oh, no. You took it —

JACKSON: — this one —

GUTHRIE: — right of my — I was going to say —

JACKSON: — they’re thinking about it.

GUTHRIE: — you are picking up what I'm laying down, my friend. I was thinking 2024.

And on CBS Mornings, co-host and Democratic donor Gayle King joyfully tossed to congressional correspondent Nikole Killion:

The Reverend Warnock invoked his faith during a victory speech last night. Democrats will now have a 51-49 majority in the Senate in January, a one-seat gain after many predicted that Republicans could take control. That did not happen...Nikole, I saw them, they were celebrating big time at Warnock headquarters last night. I saw an electric slide or two.

In her report, Killion merely noted that “it was a big party last night” following a race that went down as “one of the most expensive and controversial contests in the country.”

This media celebration of another Republican defeated by media-driven scandals was made possible thanks to advertisers such as Nature’s Bounty (on CBS), Subaru (on ABC), and Walmart (on NBC). Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

To see the relevant transcripts from December 7, click here (for ABC), here (for CBS), and here (for NBC).