HYPOCRITES: Despite COVID, ABC, CBS Swoon Over ‘Nationwide Block Party’ Akin to V-J Day

November 8th, 2020 3:01 AM

Over the next few weeks when the liberal media insist you’d be anywhere from a selfish prick to a murder if you choose to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, and/or Thanksgiving with your families, keep these quotes in mind.

ABC and CBS provided extensive coverage Saturday night of the Biden-Harris victory celebration and speeches from both candidates after news networks declared them hours earlier the winners. 

And amid their hours of coverage, both discarded coronavirus restrictions or scoldings. Instead, they gushed over the “euphoria,” “joy,” and “unbridled exuberance” emanating from the Mother Nature-ordained crowds, packed shoulder-to-shoulder in cities for a celebration akin to Mardi Gras, “nationwide block party,” a tailgate, and even V-J Day. 



If liberal journalists are willing to throw their own guidelines out the window for Black Lives Matter marches and now Biden victory parties, many Americans will wonder why should they be subjected to rules that liberal journalists and their friends won’t observe.

Like we did with CNN’s early reactions to the projections, below is a more-than-generous helping of quotes.


There’s ‘Euphoria,’ ‘Jubuliation’ in This ‘Nationwide Block Party’

CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell: “[W]hile there is disappointment among President Trump's supporters and Republicans, there is also a sense of euphoria in this country.”

CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King: “Yeah. I called it unbridled exuberance. It's like, Norah, the country is having a nationwide block party. You can go from city to city to city and for the most part, see people jumping out of their skins...Most people are wearing their masks — some people are not. But people are being very respectful and just very happy and embracing of one another on Times Square, which is huge at this particular. You feel it. The joy is palpable out there.” 

O’Donnell: “2020 has been so difficult for so many, not just because of the coronavirus but job losses and others and so, there is a sense for those who support Joe Biden, a sense of jubilation tonight, and that's why they're out in the streets.”

— 8:03 p.m. Eastern.


Mother Nature Was on Joe Biden’s Side and Wanted People to Celebrate

“[T]he weather was so beautiful. Here it is November. It's unseasonably warm on this side on the — on the country. Sometimes during the campaign, you saw people bundled up in coats. But I can't get over how warm — it's almost like mother nature was cooperating on this day for all the people to be out....You can feel the energy and joy from people who are supporting Joe Biden.”

— King, 8:09 p.m. Eastern.

To Heck with COVID, Isn’t This ‘Victory Speech Meets Tailgate’ Great?

“It is something that we didn't really get to see much, if at all, during this campaign. This is victory speech meets tailgate, George. We have never seen something quite like this. A celebration like this in the parking lot. But the supporters have been here for hours, hundreds of them lined up with their cars. They are celebrating. They are dancing. People here having a very good time. And Joe Biden will be able to enjoy a crowd in a way that he has had about really throughout this entire campaign.”

— ABC senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce, 8:01 p.m. Eastern.

This Is Like Friday Night Lights, Mardi Gras, NYE, and V-J Day Rolled into One

“Thousands of people, Norah. Gayle got it right when she said this feels like a victory celebration for a baseball team, a football team. It reminds me of Mardi Gras. If you’ve been to a parade, that's what it feels like, a big ol’ celebration.”

— CBS correspondent David Begnaud, 8:24 p.m. Eastern.


“And it almost kind of feels like New Year's Eve, talking to people who are gathered outside and the excitement.”

— O’Donnell, 8:25 p.m. Eastern.


60 Minutes correspondent John Dickerson: “[B]ut speaking to people today, V.J. Day in Times Square. There's that famous photograph of the kiss in Times Square. There are people who describe a kind of release and that comes...from something they have felt constricted by over the past few years...But that I’ve never heard in politics, this sense of emotional release on — on an election day or at the end of an election.”

King: “It is very emotional. That's a really good way to describe it. What you feel when you walk around and talk to the people and look at the people and hear the people, it is extremely emotional for everyone.”

— Conversation at 8:26 p.m. Eastern.


“[L]ooking at these images, this is football season, right? This looks like Friday night in America after your favorite team just won the state championship. And wonderful for our nation in this divided time to have a night like this where people seem joyous, at least for an evening.”

— ABC’s Nightline co-host Byron Pitts, 8:15 p.m. Eastern.

Irony: Massive NYC Crowd, ‘Voices of America’ Cheer Biden’s COVID Plan

“Biden and Harris, the big banner, is right underneath the ball where it drops every New Year's Eve. Norah, I want you to know the loudest applause we heard during Joe Biden's speech was when he announced he was going to form a COVID task force. And the people couldn't hear him. They were literally reading his words and the closed captioning on the screen, reading his lips, and they erupted in applause. I want to give you some reaction. [INTERVIEWS] Norah, the voices of America, back to you.”

— Begnaud, 9:38 p.m. Eastern.

Put Aside COVID, the Delaware Crowd Had ‘Diversity,’ Saw a ‘Powerful Moment’

“[W]hat strikes me about this crowd and we've been walking around a little bit tonight, is the diversity of this crowd and speak about, you know, what this moment means for women and for young girls and there are a lot of them here tonight...And for the first time tonight, they will be able to look up at that stage and see someone who looks like them. What a powerful moment for everyone in this country, regardless of politics...They are trying their best to make sure this is socially distanced. You can see, though, the crowd there is starting to fill in a little bit. Everyone, though, in those masks, following the guidelines as much as they can. It is just a moment. It is a moment for Kamala Harris and for Joe Biden to be able to look out and see a throng of supporters[.]”

— Bruce, 8:15 p.m. Eastern

ABC: D.C. Was ‘Full of Joy,’ Had ‘The Biggest Dance Party’

“Right away, people were running to this area. This has been the biggest dance party in Washington, D.C., I've got to say and it's been going on all day long. All the way up several, several blocks, all the way close to the White House. In fact, we have a camera that's just above those rooftops there, I want to show you what that crowd looked like right now. There you see, St. John's Church. This is, of course, Black Lives Matter Plaza. And this is where we saw those protests in the summer. We remember that tear gas that was used here. So, for a lot of people who are out here, this is very symbolic, for them to be doing this here, to be celebrating this here.”

— ABC correspondent Gio Benitez, 8:12 p.m. Eastern.

“Washington is full of joy tonight. I saw so many honking horns as I came in, George. It was quite remarkable, seeing people have joy in the streets, even in the Black Lives Matter Plaza, where there was so much tension and unrest this summer.”

— ABC chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas, 8:18 p.m. Eastern.

COVID Isn’t Over, But People Should Be Allowed to Celebrate En Masse

“There you see Times Square and the celebration as thousands have gathered at what's called “the crossroads of the world," to mark this moment. It's as if — it's as if in some ways the pandemic has ended, which it has not. But people feel the sense they want to rush to the scene of where other people are to join in the celebration.”

— O’Donnell, 9:10 p.m. Eastern.

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Black Lives Matter Plaza ‘Singing!’

“They are singing, despite the mask. All the talk, obviously, about COVID-19. This is a huge celebration out here, Norah. People have been gathering through the day on Black Lives Matter Plaza and they're trying to send a message to the current President...[T]his has been a peaceful demonstration, a peaceful celebration, if you will. Beyond these barricades, you have a celebration that stretches farther down the street, and perhaps you can make out the White House down the block. It's about three blocks away. The people in this crowd, they want to make sure that the President doesn't get any sleep tonight. We hear singing. We hear drums. We hear fireworks.”

— CBS Justice and Homeland Security correspondent Jeff Pegues, 8:13 p.m. Eastern.

Delaware ‘Tailgate Party’ Is ‘Packed In,’ But At Least They’re Outside!

CBS political correspondent Ed O’Keefe: “Everyone has been encouraged to wear masks. Everyone has been encouraged to keep their social distance. As we can see, there’s some of that going on. And they handed out the American flags earlier in the day. Thousands have descended on the place throughout the day...And the stage has been set....hoping he would be able to address the world early Wednesday morning and he has had to wait until tonight.”

O’Donnell: “I mean, for anybody who has been to a football game, it looks like a tailgate party in many ways outside, as people have brought their cars, and very different than most nights like this that we usually see every four years, where you have a number of crowd packed in, and they are trying to do this in a celebratory way. Although I see people with their masks pulled down on their — on their cheeks. But outside and in the warm weather.”

— Conversation at 8:22 p.m. Eastern.

Treating D.C., LA, NYC Crowds Like an Accurate Picture of America

“Well, Norah, obviously, from the moment the news broke today, people flooded the streets here in New York, began celebrating and they’ve been going at it really ever since, as you can see here in Washington Square Park. People have filled this park here. Here, I heard one woman tell another woman, ‘2020 needed this.’ ‘2020 needed this’ is what she said and that might give you a sense of just how so many of these folks feel. We're seeing signs. We're seeing shirts that say things like, ‘Dump Trump,’ or ‘Out Now,’ you know, which might be an interesting illustration of something interesting we're seeing and we’re hearing. A lot of what we're hearing, the yelling, the chanting, the singing, has just as much to do with the people who are excited about the fact that Donald Trump will no longer be president, as much as the fact, as much as the prospect of a Joe Biden administration. I asked 30 people here over the last hour. 16 told me they were just happy Donald Trump was out. 14 told me it was a combination-of-the-two and two people said they were out here celebrating the fact that Joe Biden was going to be president. Obviously, that is anecdotal. It is a microscopic sampling, and a very, very liberal city, but it gives you an idea of what is animating a lot of excitement here in New York City.”

— CBS correspondent Mola Lenghi, 8:18 p.m. Eastern.


CBS correspondent Danya Bacchus: “[T]he celebration continues here in West Hollywood. And believe it or not, it's actually died down some throughout the evening And we have seen hundreds of people in the streets here. They’ve been dancing in the streets. They've been dancing on cars. They've been waving Americas flags — Biden flags, California flags, pride flags — just a true representation of the state of California here. Celebrations like this have been happening throughout the city....I was able to ask one mother here with her two young children dancing in the street. I said, “why did you bring them to this large crowd?” She said, “because this means a better future for them.” Norah. 

O’Donnell: “Mmmm. And Danya, that's what sent many people to the polls looking towards the future. Thank you. Now let's go to the nation's capital, Errol Barnett is at Black Lives Matter Plaza just north of the White House and huge crowds there, right, Errol?”

CBS correspondent Errol Barnett: “That's right, Norah. The celebration continues and I was watching as most people here were glued to their devices, their phones as they watched the President-elect give that speech....And as you look around, there's a demographic patchwork, people of all ages and colors and to all of them, the presidency means something different. I saw demonstrators in support of immigrants' rights, veterans’ rights, and union supporters here. And there was also a young white woman, a college student who believes a Biden-Harris administration means progress towards gender equality.”

— Conversation after the speeches at 9:40 p.m. Eastern.

For the record, NBC came in as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris walked out and concluded without any analysis to return viewers to the Clemson-Notre Dame football game.

ABC did not have ads during its hour-long programming, but as for CBS’s two-hour show, advertisers that gave support to this double standard on public health matters included Allegra, Geico, and Gold Bond. Follow the links to the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.