Bozell: Congratulations to Nick Sandmann for Beating Media Smears

July 24th, 2020 2:12 PM

MRC founder and president Brent Bozell offered thoughts on today's Nick Sandmann settlement:

Congratulations to Nick Sandmann on his victory against The Washington Post! These reporters are lying scum who tried to destroy a teen age kid just because he was pro-life. Big mistake. This kid just beat the crap out of them like he beat the crap out of CNN. And he's not done. 
I hope it cost the Post many millions of dollars. It couldn't happen to a better bunch.

The leftist media mob have zero concern for the truth. It does not matter to them that a video cleared the Covington kids of wrongdoing. It does not matter to them that this non-story resulted in death threats to these innocent Catholic kids and their families. 

And, clearly, it does not matter to them that Nathan Phillips, the adult who instigated the confrontation, has told multiple lies about the incident. The only thing that matters to the leftist media is perpetuating the false narrative that a group of pro-life boys donning “MAGA” hats are racist. This is not honest journalism, this is a public hit job designed to entertain Trump-hating liberal America.

These high school kids were smeared relentlessly for allegedly making evil smirks at a Native American activist. These kids were targeted for being pro-lifers in MAGA hats. The Diocese of Covington launched an investigation and found “no evidence of offensive or racist statements.” Again it was social media that spread the word to tens of millions across the country about the wrong done to the students by the "news" media. They were vindicated in the court of public opinion.