CNN Frets 'Very Conservative' Court & 'Woman's Right to Choose'

February 4th, 2019 9:35 AM

In contrast with ignoring the recent passage of an extreme pro-abortion law in New York, and the news network's late arrival to the debate over a simiilar proposal in Virginia, CNN on Saturday morning showed interest in a Louisiana law restricting abortion that is in the process of being challenged in court.

Appearing live on New Day Saturday, CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson recalled for viewers that the "very conservative" 5th Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled supporting the law after a lower court which he declined to label as "liberal" had struck it down.

Jackson also repeatedly used the phrase "woman's right to choose" which is commonly used by liberals who support legal abortion but not so much by conservatives.



At 6:41 a.m. Eastern, CNN co-host Christi Paul introduced a four and a half minute segment by informing viewers that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito had made a delay in the time that the U.S. Supreme Court will make a ruling on the case, meaning that enforcement of the law is still blocked for now.

Jackson then appeared live and related for viewers that the law would require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges for a nearby hospital. He added: "You had a local justice -- a district court justice at the time -- and that district court justice says, 'Hey, that's unconstitutional because you're burdening a woman's right to have an actual abortion that is her right.'"

After not labeling this court that ruled in a pro-abortion direction, he did label the more conservative 5th Circuit as he continued:

And ultimately what happened was, is that was appealed to the 5th Circuit -- which is very conservative I should say -- 10 out of the 15 justices are Republican. And what they did is they struck down, and they said that, "No, the law can go into effect." And now you have the Supreme Court deciding.

He then added that the Supreme Court has to decide if the law "unduly impedes, interferes, and burdens a woman's right to choose."

After reiterating that the 5th Circuit is "very conservative," Jackson used some version of "right to choose" four additional times in the segment. Then, at 8:40 a.m., the show replayed a two-minute portion of Jackson's commentary.

Including all six and a half minutes of Jackson's analysis included on the show, he used the words "woman's right to choose" a total of six times.

He also fretted that "elections have consequences" because President Donald Trump has been able to "stack" the courts with judges who may make further rulings against a "woman's right to choose" in the future.