FNC Uniquely Highlights Illegal Immigrant Who Bragged About Killing Cops

January 18th, 2018 9:04 PM

This week there has been a stark contrast in the selection of illegal immigration-related stories by FNC and by the other networks as Fox and Friends has been covering the trial of an illegal immigrant in California who murdered two police officers in 2014, and bragged about it in court.

By contrast, not only have the other networks ignored the cop killer trial, but CNN's New Day morning show and CBS This Morning have made a point of giving sympathetic attention to an illegal immigrant who was recently deported, being forced to leave his family in the U.S.



On Thursday's Fox and Friends at 7:44 a.m. ET, co-host Brian Kilmeade interviewed the aunt of one of the police officers who was murdered. The FNC host introduced the segment: "An accused cop killer showing no remorse in court after the deaths of two California sheriff deputies -- Danny Oliver and Michael Davis Jr."

Then played a clip of the defendant in court smiling and bragging about killing the officers and declaring that he would kill more. Kilmeade reacted: "That piece of garbage an illegal immigrant -- an illegal alien, if you will. Has been deported several times leading up to the 2014 shootings, and could potentially get the death penalty if convicted. Keep your fingers crossed."

The FNC host then brought aboard Pam Davis Owens as a guest, and began by posing: "What is your reaction to the fact is, not only is he an accused cop killer, he revels in it and wants the opportunity to kill more? And he doesn't even belong in the country."

The entire segment lasted just over five minutes. The show also ran two briefs on the story -- one about a half minute long and the other about 50 seconds.

On the day before on New Day, CNN's Cuomo interviewed deported immigrant Jorge Garcia who appeared from Mexico, along with his wife Cindy, who called for Congress to create a "pathway to citizenship" for illegal immigrants. After giving the pair a segment of six and a half minutes, the CNN host ended on a note of sympathy and a promise to promote their story:



Cindy, Jorge, I'm sorry that we met under these circumstances, but we'll keep your story out there because it is an example -- there are a lot of Garcias out there -- not just by name but by disposition and legal situation. So we'll stay on this story, and thank you very much for checking in with us.

On the same day, CBS This Morning a pre-recorded report on the subject totaling three minutes, 22 seconds, and filed by correspondent Anna Werner.

And on Tuesday, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle also devoted a segment to the Jose Garcia story.

Not only was FNC the only network to give attention to the issue of illegal immigrants committing crime this week, but, the first week of January, Fox and Friends reported on the outcome of the trial of the gunman who killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco, while the other network morning and evening newscasts ignored the development.