Media Lied for YEARS About Biden's Mental Fitness; We Brought the Receipts

February 9th, 2024 1:12 PM

Hell has frozen over, and some in the left-wing corporate media have finally begun to entertain the notion that our 81-year-old President might, in fact, have some cognitive issues. Now is as good a time as any to remind everyone of how desperate these same journalists were to dismiss that idea as a “right-wing” conspiracy theory cooked up by cynical Republicans and “Russian television,” until ten seconds ago.

In left-wing media land, where war is peace and the border is secure, Joe Biden has spent the last three years of his presidency wowing reporters with his stunning mental fitness. Here’s a refresher of how that looked:



Even as recently as a few months ago, reporters were going on television to insist that Biden was actually in great mental shape. On September 6, 2023, Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg remarked: “Mentally, he’s quite acute.”

Back in 2022 when he was still at CNN,then-White House correspondent John Harwood insisted: “The gears of his mind are working.”

He continued:

What’s false is that [Biden] is not capable of doing the job right now, or he’s not mentally in tune with the demands of the job… That’s an issue pushed by right-wing media, but it’s not correct.

On the July 14, 2023 edition of Morning Joe, Washington Post associate editor Eugene Robinson absurdly claimed Biden was “sharp as a tack” according to people who actually spent time with the President:

Anybody who’s spent any time with Joe Biden since he’s been in the Oval Office knows that the reality is nothing like the dystopian picture that Republicans are trying to paint, of this senile, doddering old president. And he’s just sharp as a tack.

Let’s not let the corporate media live this one down. For years, these hacks have been among the last few people on earth willing to accept that Joe Biden is, in fact, actually an old man. That isn’t something they should be able to just walk away from when it took this long for them to finally see reality. This should be the end of whatever tiny modicum of credibility they had left.