VIDEO: Media HATE the Idea of Texas Enforcing Federal Immigration Law

November 17th, 2023 1:25 PM

On Tuesday, Texas lawmakers passed a bill which, if enacted, would permit state officials to arrest and deport illegal aliens. The media, aghast at the idea of anyone being deported ever for any reason, swiftly condemned the bill for “causing a lot of fear in the migrant community.”

To bolster their case that this would be a Very Bad law, journalists brandished statements from radical pro-open borders entities like the ACLU, who smeared it as “one of the country’s most radical anti-immigrant laws — EVER.” Reporters applied no ideological labels to these organizations, instead describing them only as “civil rights groups” or “advocacy groups.”



On Wednesday, ABC’s Mireya Villarreal spent several minutes hyperventilating at the prospect of illegal aliens being deported. “This is causing a lot of fear in the migrant community,” she whined theatrically.

Never mind that lawbreakers are supposed to be fearful of prosecution — the migrants are scared!

She continued:

There is a big concern about the safety of migrants as they are being pushed back into Mexico… and a lot of migrants are also very fearful that if they do cross the border and they are arrested, will they be separated from their children?

On Thursday, CNN’s Rosa Flores argued that the bill had “many critics, including 30 former immigration judges.” She added: “One other big concern is that this could lead to racial profiling of Latinos in the state.”

MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart also used the racial profiling angle on Friday morning: “Civil rights organizations and immigrant advocacy groups warn it could very well lead to racial profiling.”

He went on to interview Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-TX), arguably the most overtly pro-open borders member of Congress, who slammed the pending law as “a racist, dangerous anti-immigrant bill.”

As usual, all of the media’s actual objections to enforcing existing federal immigration policy boiled down to some paraphrasing of, “But that’s mean!” The American media are further to the left on border security than they are about perhaps any other policy issue.