Joe Scarborough's 2020 Hunter Biden Rant Aged Like a Carton of Milk

March 29th, 2022 12:18 PM

Now that even the New York Times admits Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t a Russian fairytale meant to frighten misbehaving children, we’ve been digging through our video archives to find all the smug TV hosts who dismissed the story in 2020 as Russian “disinformation.”

The deeper we dig, the more gems we uncover, and today we found something really special. Check out this disastrous monologue from the October 19, 2020 edition of Morning Joe:



Gosh, how embarrassing.

There are a lot of greatest hits in there:

“It is so obviously disinformation...”

“History will expose you all as fools.”

“It’s unbelievable how stupid you think Americans are.”

On Monday, a guest panelist on Joe’s show actually brought up the laptop in passing, making it the first mention of the scandal on Morning Joe in recent memory. At the time, we noted that Scarborough opted not to engage with the topic.

Maybe it’s because he remembers. We sure do.