Salon Doubles Down On Sarah Sanders Rumor

July 24th, 2018 4:07 PM

On Tuesday, Salon published an article speculating about Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders potential departure from the White House. Only, they referenced the same rumor reported in June by CBS. Author of the article, Matthew Rozsa, also cited an unsubstantiated Politico article which claimed White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Bill Shine has “asked a number of friends and other acquaintances about who they believe should replace Sanders if she steps down.”

The article continued on to develop into nothing less than a hit piece on Sanders. Rozsa focused on the gross humor Sanders endured at the White House Correspondents Dinner. The infamous monologue by comedian and champion of abortion Michelle Wolf targeted Sanders specifically. Rozsa also seemed angry at Sanders simply because she does her job:

“In recent days, Sanders has made the news for parroting a number of Trump's controversial positions through her press secretary platform. On Monday, she announced that Trump is considering revoking the security clearances of a number of former intelligence officials who have criticized the president.”

Salon was particularly angry that Sanders would dare call the Russian Probe a hoax:

“Sanders also repeated another Trump line — namely, disparaging the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into potential collusion between Trump's campaign and the Russian government — during a Monday appearance on one of Trump's favorite television shows, ‘Fox & Friends.’ "We’d all be a lot better off if we could get this out of the way, and that Congress and the special counsel could come to the same conclusion that the rest of America has: that this is a hoax and a waste of time," Sanders told her hosts.

Just after the original CBS article was posted, Sanders dispelled rumors of her leaving in a tweet, “I love my job and am honored to work for @POTUS.” The use of a months-old speculation to legitimize a hit piece on the current Press Secretary is dishonest journalism, and Rozsa should be ashamed.