HBO's Maher Mocks Pope Francis, Catholics' Belief in the Eucharist

April 27th, 2015 4:30 PM

Bill Maher returned to bashing the Catholic Church on Friday's Real Time, as he discussed the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. After noting how the United States (more specifically, President Obama) would not use the word "genocide" to describe the mass murders, Maher pointed out, "You know who said it's a genocide? The Pope. The Pope was like f--- yeah, it's a genocide! The Pope has huge balls. You got to admit that. You would too if you were 78, and never had sex." (video below – profanity warning)

On Monday, Catholic League president Bill Donahue slammed the HBO host for his attack on Pope Francis, as well as for his mocking of the Church's belief in the Eucharist (disclaimer: MRC President Brent Bozell is on the Catholic League's board of advisors):

On his Friday night show, Maher lashed out at Pope Francis and Jesus in a particularly vulgar way.

While discussing the Armenian genocide, Maher said, "You know who said it's a genocide? The pope. The pope was like f*** yeah it's a genocide. The pope has huge balls. You would too if you were 78 and never had sex."

Maher's assault on the Eucharist was vile. He spoke about a toaster that can customize a burnt image of your face on it. When an image of Jesus was shown on the screen, Maher asked, "What kind of needy loner says, 'hey look at that bread you're eating, it's really me.'"

Maher does what he does because a) he is an unrelenting bigot b) HBO officials allow him to trash Catholicism with impunity and, c) Catholics will not threaten to kill him. Since neither the first nor the third reason is going to change, that leaves it to HBO to finally act responsibly.

Maher has a record of anti-Catholic jabs. Back in May 2014, the atheist personality targeted Pope Francis for "some Mitt Romney level crazy bulls--t," after replying to a hypothetical scenario where intelligent alien life asked for baptism, and crudely added that "given the past history of fondling and groping, the last thing the Church needs is a 50-foot priest with six arms."