Milbank Suggests Schieffer Should Seek Dem Nomination

April 19th, 2015 1:29 PM

Sure, it was tongue in cheek. But still, it revealed an underlying truth . . . On today's Face the Nation, when Bob Schieffer wondered why the Dems have fielded only one presidential candidate, the Washington Post's Dana Milbank responded by suggesting that Schieffer himself should go for it.

Milbank said there was a "real opportunity" for someone to run against Hillary by filling the Elizabeth Warren slot and then observed that Schieffer would "have some free time after this summer" [since he has announced his retirement.] Schieffer began a Shermanesque response: "if nominated I would not" before dissolving in laughter. Yes, Milbank was kidding, but the notion wasn't absurd in the sense that he knows that Schieffer is a solid liberal. The joke would have fallen flat had he suggested Schieffer fill a conservative slot in the Republican primary.

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BOB SCHIEFFER:  Dana, the question I asked Joe Manchin, I'd like to get your take on this, and also you, April. Why is it that a party that's won last two elections some would even say the last three because a lot of Democrats still think that Al Gore won that election. Why is it that that party comes up with one candidate? 

DANA MILBANK: . . . There is potentially a huge populist opening here for somebody. Nobody's taking that Elizabeth Warren position. And I think it's extraordinary. They may not beat Hillary but there's a real opportunity here. And I know you're going to have some free time after this summer, so -- 

SCHIEFFER: If nominated I would not --