Mika Mocks Rubio: 'That's a Little Boy' Compared to Hillary

April 14th, 2015 9:21 AM

Can you imagine if in 2008 a prominent conservative media member had said that Barack Obama looked like a "little boy" compared to John McCain?  The echoes of liberal outrage would still be resounding today.

But there was Mika Brzezinski on today's Morning Joe saying of Marco Rubio "that's a little boy." Mika made the invidious comparison to Hillary's service as senator, First Lady and Secretary of State.  Scoffed Joe Scarborough: "hearing this from two people [Mika and Donny Deutsch] that worshipped Barack Obama in 2008 is laughable."

Will Americans judge Hillary on resume lines or on her actual record of success or failure? Mika says "First Lady," we say "failed attempt to perpetrate Hillarycare on America." Mika says "senator," we say "left no footprint." Mika says "Secretary of State," we say "bloody failure from Benghazi to Syria to Iraq."

Question: had Mika been around in 1960, would she have called JFK—who was the same age then as Rubio is now—a "little boy" compared to Nixon, who was finishing two terms as vice-president?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: And you measure up accomplishments, and ability to weather the storm, an ability to have had experience that might apply to this job. 

DONNY DEUTSCH: The Putin test. Who do you want to see across the table? 

BRZEZINSKI: There's not even--this is not even a conversation. She eats him for lunch. Come on.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You mean like Barack Obama and John McCain? 

BRZEZINSKI:  No, like Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. There is no comparison. Maybe this is my ideology, but I'm sorry, but that's a little boy and that's an experienced accomplished woman who's been elected to the Senate twice, who served First Lady, who served as Secretary of State. 

DONNY DEUTSCH: Just feel something: just react in your tummy.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: So let somebody talk. 

DEUTSCH: Uchh!  Talk about the pot [calling the kettle black].

SCARBOROUGH: Hearing this from two people that worshipped Barack Obama --

DEUTSCH: -- I didn't worship --

SCARBOROUGH: -- in 2008 is laughable.