Ahead of California Recall, Univision Still Shilling for Newsom

September 9th, 2021 4:00 PM

It appears that Univision has joined Democrats' top brass in their campaign to save California governor Gavin Newsom from political doom, with a recent series of reports depicting him as some kind of Robin Hood for Latinos whose removal would be “untimely”.

This video clip from Univision News' evening and morning editions includes eye-filling visuals of dollar bills being flashed while touting the governor for giving “a lot of economic assistance (to Latinos) that also benefited the undocumented community.”



PATRICIA JANIOT, UNIVISIÓN, EVENING EDITION: Gavin Newsom's future as governor of California is in the hands of millions of voters who have until Sept. 14th to define his continuity in office. Californians also have a range of candidates from which to seek his replacement, but as Dulce Castellanos tells us from Los Angeles, there are many who consider that the possible removal of Newsom would be untimely.


SATCHA PRETTO: What is the role of Latinos in this recall election, Juan Carlos?

JUAN CARLOS GONZALEZ, UNIVISIÓN, DESPIERTA AMÉRICA: Well, it is said that you cannot win the state of California if you do not win the Latino community and it is precisely that community which was most affected by the pandemic, as well as the one that has received a lot of support from the current governor Gavin Newsom. For example, a lot of economic assistance that also benefited the undocumented community, and a lot of protections against eviction, so they have received a lot of support, and it is said that if he stays in the position, it is in large part thanks to the Latino community.

Notice how many times reporter Juan Carlos González says “a lot” during his inflated account before adding that if Newsom stays in the position (of California governor), “it is in large part thanks to the Latino community” - a lot of money, a lot of protection, a lot of support. In other words, California Latinos OWE him.

The numbers, however, reveal a very different reality from the one being pushed by the Univision newsroom about their California darling, as MRC Latino previously noted here.

In the absence of data to support their desperate calls for the permanence of a radical liberal aligned with their political agenda, we remind you of the facts: Hispanics in California are the only racial group in favor of recalling (54%) Democrat governor Gavin Newsom, per a recent Emerson/Nexstar poll. But this data may come as a shock to viewers of the nation´s Spanish-speaking media who would rather mislead their audience.

Now, with less than a week to go for the California recall election, we can expect to see more cover-ups and further sanctification of an embattled politician whose days in power may be counted.

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