Univision Anchor DRAGGED for Dismissing Anti-Sanders Hispanics as 'Manipulated'

February 17th, 2020 9:54 AM

Univision anchor and hot-take machine Enrique Acevedo is facing self-inflicted backlash over his dismissal of Florida Hispanics’ refusal to embrace Bernie Sanders as a result of being “manipulated.”

It all started when The View contributor and CNN analyst Ana Navarro weighed in on the potential damage that a Sanders candidacy would inflict on the remainder of the Florida ballot, which is to say that she is not at all down with the Sandernista Revolution. Acevedo then decided to jump in with an unfortunate quote-tweet of his own



Acevedo’s remarks were quickly condemned on social media and drew a fiery column from The Blaze’s Giancarlo Sopo, who labeled Univision’s late-night anchor a “limousine leftist.”

Acevedo’s blanket dismissal of his Florida neighbors, including many who have fled the horrors of the Castro, Chávez-Maduro and Ortega dictatorships, is simplistic and grotesque. The scars of socialism are real, and aren’t the result of “manipulation” from unnamed “Washington politicians”. To openly say so betrays a belief that individuals who think this way are little more than mindless morons who are ultimately voting the Raza's mainfest best interests. 

One also wonders whether this outburst was triggered by a recent poll that showed Sanders garnering a dismal 10% of the vote among Florida's Hispanics. To be clear, it isn't just the Cubans, Venezuelans and Nicaraguans down South but also the Puerto Ricans along the I-4 corridor -who wary of Sanders' embrace of independence advocates such as the radical mayor of San Juan- are not at all "feeling the Bern."

But this isn’t even the biggest problem with Acevedo’s dismissals. Acevedo is not the first Univision anchor to dip his toe into Sanders-friendly waters. Recall Jorge Ramos' soft-sell of so-called "democratic socialism" on Facebook Watch, for example. 

This begs the question: is Univision going from being “With Her” in 2016 to “feeling the Bern” in 2020?