Clinton Trots Out Mexican Music Legend Vicente Fernández on Univision, Telemundo

October 26th, 2016 4:33 PM

The Clinton campaign is making much of the endorsement the Democratic presidential candidate has received from Mexican music legend, Vicente Fernández. Both Telemundo and Univision have obliged by giving the singer’s role in the campaign glowing coverage while preventing Latino supporters (including entertainers) of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to get even a word - or musical note - in edgewise about the development.

Fernández’s musical endorsement of Clinton was first announced last month when he debuted a song in her favor.

VICENTE FERNÁNDEZ: Dear brothers (and sisters), your voice is your vote. Together, it can be done!

VICENTE FERNÁNDEZ: (SINGS) ♪ I'm Latino to the bone / very proud of it
And I'll remind you, my brother / we must go hand-in-hand
Until Hillary Clinton / has assured victory ♪

The coverage of Fernández’s endorsement and role in the campaign continued last week, when the candidate and the singer met in Las Vegas, following the final presidential debate of the election season.

SALVADOR DURÁN, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISIÓN: Clinton, who lovingly called him Chente, gave thanks in public for the support the singer has given her.


SALVADOR DURÁN, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISIÓN: Another camera behind the scenes captured when Clinton also thanked him for the song and video of support that Vicente produced for her.

Together, Univision and Telemundo devoted over 3 minutes of their principal post-debate evening newscasts to Fernández, Clinton and other Latino recording artists singing Clinton’s praises.

What was missing from the picture?

Any mention of, much less reaction from, Trump’s prominent Latino supporters in Nevada, including radio personality Jesús Márquez, or of the fact that the Republican presidential standard-bearer has also benefitted from significant efforts by Hispanic artists such as Rubén Obed (which are also arguably more fun to bust a move to).