‘Steamy’ ‘Stunning’ and ‘Sexy’: Media Praise Chobani Yogurt Commercial Showing Lesbians Naked in Bed Together

June 16th, 2015 1:57 PM

What does yogurt have to do with gay sex? I don’t know but Chobani wants you to make the association. With the mania over all things LGBT in the media, advertisers have begun making more commercials portraying same-sex couples and families. Chobani Yogurt just put out a new ad that some would say pushes the envelope in appropriateness.

The ad shows a woman lying in bed, seductively licking a spoon while eating yogurt, wrapped in a sheet. She playfully turns to her partner lying in the bed and tickles their feet, before running off, and looking back lovingly at her partner. It’s then that the viewer see the other naked person in the bed is not a man, like one would expect, but a woman. She smiles and the camera reveals she’s wearing a wedding ring.

The media loved the ad of course. The Huffington Post called it “stunning” and “sexy,” while The New York Daily News called it, “steamy,” and gay media outlets raved.

The short ad might not seem like much but showing two naked -- albeit covered -- women in bed together in a national commercial is certainly making a statement. Especially since this ad is being shown during primetime television on channels like Nickelodeon. Other companies like Wells Fargo and Tylenol, among others, have received widespread attention for their ads portraying same-sex couples and families as the same as traditional families.