Media Praise Lesbian Actress For Bashing ‘Creepy Christians, Conservatives’ in Shouting Match On Subway

November 5th, 2014 10:43 AM

If there was ever a clear-cut example of the blatant bias the media shows to favor homosexuals and demonize Christians, this would be it. One of the stars of Amazon’s streaming television show “Orange is the new black” had it out in a shouting match with a preacher on the New York City subway Tuesday morning. The video was uploaded last night and has gone viral, thanks no doubt to the media’s fawning headlines. Some of which read:

Mashable: “‘Big Boo’ from ‘OITNB’ stands up to subway preacher’s hate speech.”

TIME Magazine:“Watch OITNB Star Lea DeLaria Out-Preach a Homophobic Preacher”

Huffington Post: “Lea DeLaria Shuts Down Subway Preacher”

TMZ: “‘Orange is the new black’ star shouts down subway preacher ‘You don’t own the Bible!’”

VH1: Orange Is the New Black Star Lea DeLaria Says What All NYC Subway Riders Are Thinking

Entertainment Weekly: “'Orange is the New Black' star Lea DeLaria yells back at a subway preacher”

Bustle: “'OINTB'S Lea Delaria Epically Shut down An Anti-Gay Subway Preacher in NYC— Video”

Jezebel: “Watch OITNB’s Big Boo Battle a Homophobic Subway Preacher”

It wasn’t just the headlines. The stories shared on Facebook were filled with praises for the actress whom the media dubbed as “awesome” and a role-model: “We need more Big Boos on the subway each morning,” “You go, Big Boo!” She was even called a “hero” by Gothamist, who posted the original video to Vimeo.

Meanwhile the preacher was called “annoying” and “the offender” by Entertainment Weekly; a “Bible-thumper” by TMZ; “homophobic” by TIME and Jezebel; and “anti-gay” by Buzzfeed and Bustle.

In the video, the actress yells at the preacher that he along with other “religious fanatics” “ultra-creepy Christians and conservatives” and “the Tea Party” were “the reason why America’s in trouble.” While the man is preaching, DeLaria accuses him of calling her a ‘dyke’ and rants even louder to drown out his voice. There is no indication in the video that he called her anything that even sounded like the slur.