MSNBC's Chris Matthews Hints Letter by 47 GOP Senators Motivated by Race

March 10th, 2015 11:26 PM

Closing a panel segment with three fellow liberals -- Democratic strategist Tad Devine, Bloomberg News columnist Margaret Carlson, and IAFF union president Harold Schaitberger -- about the open letter to the Islamic Republic of Iran by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and 46 Republican colleagues, MSNBC's Chris Matthews subtly hinted that the president's race was a motivating factor for the missive. 

CHRIS MATTHEWS I think, excuse me, Margaret, I'm going to say some day people are going to look back on this era and they're going to say, this president was treated worse than anybody by his opponent, and they'll think, "What was it about him?" And they'll remember what it was about him--

MARGARET CARLSON, Bloomberg: Yeah!

MATTHEWS: -- that gave him this--

CARLSON: Read the Ferguson [Missouri police department] emails.

MATTHEWS: --terrible vulnerability.


Earlier in the segment, Matthews whined that the open letter to Iran comes on the heels of Speaker Boehner virtually trying to "depose" Obama by hosting him as guest speaker before a joint session of Congress:

I think it's another thing like that "You lied!" That crazy guy yelled out. And then this whole Netanyahu thing. We got our own leader, world leader we're going to have in here, not you. We're going to, you know, depose you and bring in Netanyahu. That's what it seemed like.