CensorTrack with TR: Big Tech’s Bias Against Life, Military & Christ

August 17th, 2022 5:30 PM

It’s Episode 51 of CensorTrack with TR. This week, we talked about how Big Tech has an anti-conservative and anti-Christian bias.  

CensorTrack With TR has been running for a year now, and throughout the last 365 days MRC Free Speech America has seen a plethora of censorship types, cases and attacks. Big Tech has particularly targeted life-affirming posts, content that relates to our military and posts that honor the Christian faith.

In September, Google banned Live Action’s ads for the abortion pill reversal drug. Women would take this drug to reverse the effects of a Plan-B abortion pill in the case that a woman begins the process of an abortion but changes her mind. Live Action said that this reversal pill has saved thousands of children, and Google blocking the ads makes the knowledge of this life-saving resource less accessible

Google also banned ads for Live Action’s “Baby Olivia” video, which detailed the gestational life of a child. 

It appears that Big Tech doesn't care for the unborn as it hides life-saving resources and information. It is also evident that Big Tech has little to no care for our military either. 

Army vet Sam Brown was badly burned during an IED explosion in Afghanistan, leaving his face wounded. Brown posted an image of himself saluting in uniform for the Fourth of July. Twitter marked the image as “sensitive content” last year, and the image is still censored.

1st Aviation Brigade Surgeon Dr. Theresa M Long is an Army surgeon who was removed from LinkedIn after praising her fellow servicemen and touting her faith. According to purported screenshots, Long wrote to “keep him [her friend mark] and his family in your prayers - that in all things God is glorified.” Her post and account at large was removed. 

It’s a shame that Big Tech is blatantly against morally good things and freedom of speech in general. 

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