MRC’s Bozell Condemns Facebook Election Interference, Unveils Its No. 1 ‘Target’ for Censorship

April 25th, 2024 12:03 PM

MRC President Brent Bozell once again condemned Facebook's repeated election interference detailed in a bombshell MRC Free Speech America’s Special Report.

During a Thursday morning interview with WMAL-FM’s Larry O’Connor, Bozell reiterated the findings featured in the report: Facebook has interfered in U.S. elections a whopping total of 39 times since 2008. 

Bozell suggested that the censorship was vast and overwhelmingly biased, including “candidates,” “political action committees” and “organizations that either support a Republican or criticize a Democrat.”

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“Target number one was Trump, and he was the target in two different ways,” Bozell said, detailing how Facebook banned the then-sitting president in 2021, while coincidentally strangling “any coverage of anything that would hurt Joe Biden.”

Earlier in the interview, an appalled O'Connor asked Bozell to describe the implications of the MRC findings, which he described as “insidious interference.” 

To this, the MRC president replied that election interference by way of censorship leaves Americans without knowledge “about the issues of the day” because of the deliberate actions “by these massive monopolies.”

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During the WMAL-FM interview, co-host Julie Gunluck asked Bozell to break down some of the examples found in the report. Bozell was well-prepared and did not hold back. 

“Let's take 2016: Facebook partnered with this left-wing organization funded by Soros, the Poynter Institute, to create a network of left-wing fact-checkers,” Bozell said.

But there was more, Bozell warned, asking rhetorically, “What did they then do? Over and over again, they suspended numerous pro-Trump Trump pages. They elevated liberals in their trending news, giving them preference over conservatives. They blacklisted [Sen.] Ted Cruz; they blacklisted [Sen.] Rand Paul.”

Bozell’s remarks come a little over a month after a similar MRC Free Speech America report found that Google, like Facebook, interfered in U.S. elections 41 times.

“Corporations can't be involved in political action at the federal level. Yet, you've got Big Tech that is picking winners and losers in elections, and when they do it the way they're doing it, it becomes a very serious threat to democracy itself,” Bozell said on April 17, alluding to the MRC report on Google’s election interference.

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