Inside Ex-Google CEO’s 6-Point Election Interference Plan for 2024

December 19th, 2023 5:18 PM

From mass digital ID verification to the purge of right-leaning media, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has the answer on how the left can best defeat its critics ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Schmidt — the former tech executive turned billionaire Democratic operative — authored a Dec. 16 op-ed for the MIT Technology Review advising Democrats how to fight purported AI-generated misinformation “before it’s too late.” Citing Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and the Republican National Committee’s use of artificial intelligence, Schmidt begged lawmakers and Big Tech to unleash draconian measures that, if implemented, could mark the beginning of a leftist dystopian society. 

Among his proposed measures include 1) verifying human users on social media, 2) tracking IP addresses, 3) watermarking AI-generated content, 4) banning advertisers that do not comply with rules, 5) using humans to “fend off an avalanche” of AI-generated content and 6) investing in research. Schmidt noted the confusion AI can cause, noting a need to “brace ourselves for more chaos as key votes unfold across the world in 2024.” He decried the use of AI-generated content to attack scandal-ridden President Joe Biden. 

In the name of reducing so-called misinformation, Schmidt called on Big Tech companies to verify user identities. “We need to distinguish humans using social media from bots, holding both accountable if laws or policies are violated,” Schmidt claimed, specifying that “This doesn’t mean divulging identities.” But he called for even more draconian measures, urging Big Tech platforms to force users to use “a time stamp and encrypted (and not removable)” IP address. He also advocated against online privacy and anonymity, claiming that those that use VPNs to hide their digital internet address could be “deprioritized or banned.”

Schmidt hailed Biden’s infamous executive order on AI, calling on Big Tech platforms to follow suit with the Department of Commerce’s plan to develop guidance on watermarking AI-generated content. Schmidt alleged that one way to identify deep fake content is by — wait for it — using AI itself. “AI systems can also be trained to detect the signatures of deepfakes, using large sets of truthful images contrasted with images labeled as fake,” Schmidt claimed.

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Schmidt’s six-point plan also targeted advertisers. The plan urged Big Tech companies to promote a “‘safe list’” of advertisers across platforms. Those advertisers who do not “conform professionally to the platforms’ advertising standards” could be purged from the platforms. What could go wrong?

Schmidt eerily concluded that these priorities need to be adopted quickly to “make a difference.” “With a concerted effort from companies, regulators, and Congress, we can adopt these proposals in the coming year, in time to make a difference,” Schmidt asserted. “In time” for what, Schmidt? The upcoming 2024 presidential election perhaps?

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