Chris Plante Praises ‘Extraordinary’ MRC Bombshell Exposing Biden DHS

January 18th, 2024 10:51 AM

WMAL host Chris Plante highlighted a recent MRC Study exposing how the federal government is using taxpayer money from the Department of Homeland Security’s domestic terrorist prevention program to target conservatives. 

MRC released a report Wednesday exposing how the DHS awarded $700,000 in grant money to the University of Rhode Island’s Media Education Lab (the “Rhode Island Lab”) to promote leftist propaganda. Using the grant, teachers were trained to use censorship tools to silence right-leaning political dissent in their classrooms.

In addition, the grant was engineered to pay activists to write blog content promoting left-wing propaganda. It even paid students up to $1,000 to make social media posts promoting so-called “media literacy.” Plante called the exposé “pretty extraordinary and terrible and horrifying” during the January 17 edition of his syndicated radio show,

The radio host also highlighted the resemblance of what the Biden administration was doing to fascism. “This is Benito Mussolini's definition of fascism a merger of state and corporate power.” He later affirmed this point emphatically adding that “These people are fascists. They're anti-American. They're unamerican.”

Plante read the Daily Wire’s write-up of the MRC’s report over the airwaves. “In its funding application, the University of Rhode Island’s Media Education Lab declared that ‘propaganda and misinformation concerning topics including immigration [and] racial justice’ had become ‘disruptive.’ It asked DHS for funding to run “community-created counter-propaganda.” Plante added, “What that means is propaganda.”

Plante continued reading. “‘Propaganda can also be used for socially beneficial purposes.’  They just pull it right out here and show it to everyone,” he commented. The application goes on to note that the public is “suggestible” and that there is precedent for using propaganda against Americans, citing both world wars and the Cold War as examples. 

The host summarized: “So they requested money from the Biden administration to stand up and perpetrate a propaganda effort inside the United States with taxpayer money and the Alejandro Mayorkas Department of Homeland Security said ‘Sure we'll give you $700,000 to conduct propaganda.’” 

The Rhode Island Lab used the TVTP grant money to begin “Courageous RI,” a “media literacy program” that works to neutralize misinformation generated through alleged “hate” and “intolerance.” But as Plante pointed out, misinformation is a loose, vague term often used to discredit the truth. 

“[T]he problem is that it's not misinformation. You know, all the things that they've called misinformation have all been correct,” Plante said. “Like, there was no Russian collusion between President Trump, the Trump campaign, the Trump White House and Russia.” He noted evidence of President Joe Biden’s family receiving illicit payments from Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese entities, but the left won’t bat an eye. 

Plante closed out his broadcast explaining that although horrifying, listeners should not be surprised. Referring to leftists he said, “Free Speech is not their thing, The Bill of Rights is not their thing and they're using our taxpayer money to launch propaganda efforts from universities and government agencies. These are dangerous people, they're not on our side. They're not liberals. They're the left.”

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