Anti-American TikTok Censors MRC Free Speech Video Just Before Election Day

November 9th, 2022 2:39 PM

Chinese Communist Party-tied TikTok censored the latest episode of MRC’s free speech video series on Monday, the day before Election Day. 

Paiten Iselin, host of MRC Free Speech America’s CensorTrack with Paiten, reported on the leftist media’s absolute meltdown after Elon Musk purchased Twitter and started restoring free speech on the platform.

MRC posted the episode to TikTok on Friday, and the anti-American app allowed the content to remain for three days before removing it just in time for Election Day. 

The platform claimed that “This video violates our Community Guidelines,” when it notified MRC of the removal. “We remove content and accounts that involve spam or fake engagement, impersonation, or misleading information that causes significant harm,” the platform notification only vaguely attempted to explain.

It’s unclear how exactly MRC’s video exposing anti-free-speech leftists who complained about Twitter’s free-speech makeover qualifies as “spam” or “impersonation.” But the platform also forbids “misleading information that causes significant harm,” which could refer to literally anything the platform does not approve of. It appears the leftist, CCP-tied TikTok disapproves of MRC Free Speech America’s latest video. [Emphasis added.]



TikTok has censored MRC 48 times just this year. And this most recent case is not the first time the CCP-tied app has attempted to squash MRC videos for baseless integrity and authenticity violations. In February, the platform removed two MRCTV videos for the same reason.

  • TikTok removed a clip of MRCTV's "Things That Need to Be Said" with MRCTV Blogger/On-Air Host Nick Kangadis. Kangadis talked about why "more and more Americans are united against [Biden's] regime." He pointed to the supply chain crisis, empty food shelves, growing inner-city homelessness, the national murder rate and recent FBI scandals. TikTok removed the clip due to an alleged "Community Guidelines" violation of "integrity and authenticity" after it had allowed the video to remain on its platform for nearly a month. TikTok rejected MRCTV's appeal.
  • The platform removed a clip of MRCTV's Wacky M.O.L.E. show with MRCTV Director Eric Scheiner. Scheiner called out media economists for downplaying rising inflation. The platform removed the clip over a week after it was posted due to a "content violation" of "integrity and authenticity," according to screenshots. MRCTV appealed and TikTok later restored the video.

An MRC Free Speech America analysis found that TikTok also permanently banned 11 pro-free speech organizations. Pro-life groups like Live Action and Students for Life of America and commentators like Tom Fitton, retired Lt. Col, Allen West and Michael Knowles were included among the 11 banned groups and individuals. 

TikTok did not respond to MRC Free Speech America’s request for comment by publication time.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact TikTok via email at or by mail at 10010 Venice Blvd #301, Culver City, CA 90232 and demand that Big Tech be held to account to mirror the First Amendment. If you have been censored, contact us at the Media Research Center contact form, and help us hold Big Tech accountable.