‘Like the Gates of Hell’: Leftist Media Meltdown About Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

October 28th, 2022 3:38 PM

“It’s like the gates of hell.” Leftist media have already gone into full meltdown mode on Twitter after pro-free speech Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform officially went through.

From David Leavitt predicting Musk’s purchase could trigger “World War 3” to Elie Mystal accusing Musk of being a “white supremacist” to Molly Jong-Fast’s opinion that Twitter is like a bird “heading into a glass door,” anti-free-speech leftist journalists and media personalities had wildly hysterical reactions to Twitter’s new owner and his plans.

Washington Post columnist, unapologetic doxxer, and censorship advocate Taylor Lorenz, previously caught apparently lying about a source, had a meltdown on Twitter Thursday evening. “It’s like the gates of hell opened on this site tonight,” Lorenz tweeted

“Award-winning multimedia journalist” Leavitt dramatically predicted Musk’s purchase could cause … the end of civilization. “Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter could result in World War 3 and the destruction of our planet if he isn’t careful.” Leavitt added his Instagram profile link and advised his Twitter followers to follow him on Instagram too, “just in case.”

The Nation correspondent Mystal went straight for the loaded accusation that his pro-free speech critics are racist. “White supremacists telling me to leave Twitter now that they’ve taken over proceeds from the premise that I do what white supremacists tell me to do. I do not,” Mystal tweeted. “My own counsel will I keep on whether using the new white supremacist platform can be used against them.” Mystal continued with a wild tweet thread, even asserting, “White people like [Elon] don't actually *enjoy* social media UNLESS there are black people around to denigrate.”

Journalist Dan Rather thought his whining was witty, tweeting, “With this Twitter thing maybe changing considerably. / a question I am asking: / Should I stay or should I go now? / If I go, there will be trouble / And if I stay it will be double / So come on and let me know / Should I stay or should I go?” 

So much soul-searching over free speech!

Podcaster Molly Jong-Fast fear-mongered, “This bird feels like it’s heading into a glass door or very large window.”

MSNBC host Joy-Ann “Pro-Democracy” Reid seemed less than enthusiastic about an increase in speech on Twitter. “Musk Twitter will be worse,” Reid predicted. “Especially on the disinformation front, given his affinity for Putin and vow to reinstate Trump. I don’t plan to delete my account but I certainly will be on here a lot less.”

She recommended her account on TikTok, which is owned by Chinese Communist Party-tied ByteDance.

What a freedom-loving alternative!

Tech Dirt writer Mike Masnik mourned Musk’s firing of now former Twitter legal executive, Vijaya Gadde, who decided to ban then-President Donald Trump from Twitter. 

“People do not realize how much @vijaya did for free speech,” Masnik tweeted. “Twitter is less of a free speech platform without her.”

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