VILE Saturday Night Live: 'Lil Nas X' Honors Easter Triduum with Lap Dance on God

April 5th, 2021 3:00 PM

Lil Nas X is back and this time he’s giving God a lap dance… at least the SNL parody version of him is.

Saturday Night Live paints a perfect portrait of today’s tragic cultural landscape by opening the April 3 episode with a fictional talk show “Oops, You Did It Again," “that will shine light on the social pariahs of the week.” Lil Nas X, Pepe Le Pew, and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), appear as this week's worthy candidates who explain themselves before the host Britney Spears, played by cast member Chloe Fineman. She then decides if these most-discussed cultural figures are “innocent or not that innocent.

Rightly so, the first guest to join Spears is Lil Nas X, played by Chris Redd. The 21-year-old rapper has been the topic of much controversy in recent days surrounding the explicit lap dance he administered to Satan in his “Montero” music video along with the “Satan shoes” he designed and which Nike sued him for. In order to even the playing field, Spears suggests Nas also gives a lap dance to God. He agrees and immediately a guy dressed in a white cloak with long white hair and a beard is summoned for him to dance on. Lil Nas X himself tweeted in response to the clip:



Next Kate McKinnon steps out as the Looney Tunes character of Pepe Le Pew, complete with a French accent and large skunk costume. The canceled cartoon addresses his recent canceling and removal from the cast of the upcoming Space Jam remake meanwhile throwing Yosemite Sam under the bus by accusing him of being at the Capitol riot.

After the skunk concludes its tale of woe, including a sex addition, Rep. Matt Gaetz, played by Pete Davidson appears with his perfectly quaffed hair and tightly fitted-suit. Davidson plays up the portrayal of the Florida Congressman as a creep, and touches on all the scandalous accusations brought against him this past week, such as sex trafficking and an indecent relationship with a minor.

Gaetz suggests that perhaps he should also give a lap dance but is met with a deadly threat from Nas: “If you come anywhere near me, just remember I have hip-hop friends and country friends, the two populations that are guaranteed to own guns." Spears concludes in judgement of Gaetz saying, “I think I can spot a teen predator when I see one. After all, I was on ‘Mickey Mouse Club.’”

Gaetz is mentioned later in the show during the “Weekend Update” where Colin Jost says he “looks like a caricature artist drawing of me.” Co-host Michael Che takes another pot shot at Gaetz saying, “Here’s the craziest part of the story to me. A sitting congressman is being accused of child trafficking, and the QAnon people are suddenly like, ‘Nah, I need more evidence.’ That was your whole thing!” 

Very funny, SNL. You and Lil Nas X will be in our prayers.