Hollyweirdos Whine About SCOTUS Giving Trump Immunity

July 1st, 2024 3:52 PM

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that presidents had immunity for official acts while in office. In the Trump v. United States case, the former president was granted substantial immunity from prosecution when dealing with official acts. The ruling does not grant Trump, or any other president, immunity for unofficial acts.

Never-Trumpers, like much of Hollywood, were obviously peeved at the news. They hate when anything good, even when completely just, happens to Prez 45. Many of those irritated expressed their worries on X.

“In another outrageous decisions, the MAGA Supreme Court has ruled Donald Trump has immunity for ‘official’ acts. Now his lawyers can argue at his trial that his attempted coup was an official act. As the dissent forcefully put it, this makes the President a ‘king above the law.’ Our Founding Fathers fought a war against living under a monarchy,” singer Barbra Streisand wrote.

Actor John Cusack opened his pie hole too when he retweeted someone’s tweet that said “democracy RIP” and then tweeted his own sentiment saying, “This horrific 6 -3  lawless declaration of a US monarchy - goes far beyond Trump - this is the federalist society coup via Supreme Court.”

To nobody’s surprise, actor George Takei said, “With today’s ruling giving absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for acts within the president’s 'officials' duties, it is more imperative than ever that we do not elect an actual criminal mob boss as our next president. Imagine what he would do with that power."

TV and real life witch Bette Midler wrote, “Looks like #SCOTUS gave #DonaldTrump the grease to wiggle out of his crimes once again!  Since he’s all greased up how about a pig roast?"

Author Stephen King wrote, “Thanks to the Supreme Court, the next president will have the powers of a king. That’s not what the founders intended. Quite the opposite. Overturning Roe took power from women. Today’s decision takes power from all of us.”

King also wrote, “In the name of ‘originalism,’ Trump's Supreme Court has taken a wrecking ball to the Constitution” and actress Mia Farrow, who perpetually chimes in when uninvited, retweeted King’s sentiment. Farrow also shared a clip from MSNBC where host Jen Psaki and former speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi chatted about how Trump should “not ever come close to the White House again” after SCOTUS granted immunity to a “rogue” former president. 

To bring it home, here’s what director Rob Reiner said about the ruling: “A Convicted Felon has just been given a Get Out of Jail Free card by his Compromised Supreme Court. Autocracy here we come.”