Kyra Sedgwick and The View Hosts Worry About Climate Change over Drag Shows

April 3rd, 2024 9:55 AM

I seriously wonder how this show is still running.

On April Fools Day, the joke of the show that is ABC's The View had on actress Kyra Sedgwick to talk about her upcoming projects, voting, and her love of drag shows. Sedgwick and the hosts agreed that complaining about drag shows - even drag shows for kids - is not important but what is important is fighting against climate change.

Keep in mind, it’s highly likely Sedgwick, who splits her time between her homes in L.A., Connecticut, and NYC, didn’t just walk to the set of The View in New York City. I wonder how her car, plane or train impacted our climate?

Before the midpoint of the hour-long episode, host Ana Navarro told Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Sedgwick that she’s “perfect.”

“As if you weren’t perfect enough, you and I share a common interest: drag shows,” Navarro said before insisting that drag queens are under attack and added, “We just heard that you took your son to his first drag show when he was eight years old and they [drag shows] are under attack. How are you feeling about it right now?”


First of all, anyone who brings a minor, especially one that’s only eight freakin' years old, to a drag show should have their kids taken away from them. Introducing children to sexually explicit dances by men in fishnets is child abuse. 

But not to the women on The View - or to Sedgwick, apparently.

“I mean, it's so confusing to me. It's so shocking. It's just like one of the many things where I'm, like, really? This is the fight we're having?” Sedgwick said.

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Then she went on to insist that we shouldn’t worry about drag queens indoctrinating, grooming, and traumatizing our kids when we’ve got climate change to fret about, saying, “Our planet is dying, like, we've got many other issues and fish to fry. It just seems so confusing to me. Who cares?” 

Uh…those of us who care about the innocence and lives in general of kids care…

Of course, the hosts and audience roared in approval of Sedgwick's conclusion. 

I know. It's crazy to me and it's such a stunning art form and it's so beautiful and so joyful too. The reason why we took Travis is because it was so fun and funny and joyful and inclusive. Isn't that what we want for everybody?

Men grinding on the floor in thongs, collecting dollar bills from little kids and sticking out their tongues in sexual manners is the furthest thing from “beautiful” that there is, and is absolutely not “joyful. It’s getting awfully sick that celebrities like Sedgwick are trying to convince people the opposite and that places like The View are giving her the platform to do it.

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