Family Threatened with Arrest After Refusing to Transition Daughter

February 5th, 2024 2:03 PM

A shocking new update has come out about the Kolstad family’s legal battle to get their daughter back.

Last week, MRCTV reported on the Kolstad family’s heartbreaking situation. As a refresher, Krista and Todd Kolstad lost custody of their daughter Jennifer (who’s name has been changed out of privacy) after she was removed from their home due to the fact that they wouldn’t help her transition into a boy. The Kolstads have been fighting to get their daughter back and out of harm's way from the transgender regime, but have had no luck so far. In the latest update, the Kolstads have been told that if they continue fighting for their daughter, they’ll face “imminent arrest,” Reduxx reported.

After the Kolstad’s brought their case before a court, a judge ordered them to keep quiet about the situation by issuing a gag order. Obviously the Kolstads refused to keep quiet and allow leftist child abusers to continue helping their child transition. The family posted a video on social media begging for help “and spoke to press regardless out of concern over what was happening to their family,” Reduxx indicated. Now they’re at risk of arrest after speaking out.

To make matters worse, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has been siding with Child Protective Services in their removal of Jennifer. Travis Hall, the governor’s senior advisor, shared posts on social media claiming that the Kolstads were abusive parents. Apparently it’s abusive to not permit your child from going down a life threatening path of delusion.

The Kolstads are currently in Ohio dealing with an ill family member, but there’s word that Gianforte will have them arrested when they return to Montana. Mrs. Kolstad, who heard word from her lawyer about the potential arrest, insisted she wasn’t surprised by the governor’s actions. 

Here’s what Mrs. Kolstad said in a statement to Reduxx:

It was an abuse of power for the state to revoke custody of our daughter because we wouldn’t affirm her ‘gender identity.’ It is an abuse of power to use tax-dollars to smear us as negligent in the press despite records that prove we have always proactively sought care for our daughter’s ongoing, unrelated mental health issues. We have also followed medical recommendations pertaining to these issues since she has been in state custody. The only thing we ever objected to is ‘transitioning’ our daughter

Any accusation that she was taken from our home due to abuse or neglect secondary to this issue is a bald-faced lie with political foundations. Our daughter is not a political pawn. She is a child and she should be with her family – not the state. We are never going to stop fighting for our daughter.

Shortly after receiving word of their potential arrest, the First Amendment lawyer representing the Kolstad family filed a case with the Montana Supreme Court. He hopes to strike down the gag order to keep the Kolstads out of jail in order to quickly and safely get their daughter back. Below is an image of the filing that Reduxx posted to its X account.

Mattie Watkins, the family’s spokesperson, is equally as troubled by the news of the Kolstads potential arrest. 

We anticipated Governor Gianforte’s next move would be to smear US Air Force veteran, Todd Kolstad and his wife, Krista, as abusive parents. It’s clear that his top priority is his political reputation – not the child at the center of this increasingly political fight.

Gianforte is giving state agents a manual on how to sever the parent-child relationship and bypass all levels of law and government in order to put any minor they like on the affirmation to lifelong medicalization pipeline. Our children are not safe in government care.

It’s heartbreaking to hear that another child is being abused, not by her parents, but by the leftists who insist that transitioning a child is helpful. They’re the abusers, not the Kolstads.