Lil Nas X MOCKS Christianity: Downs Communion Wine, Snacks on Wafers

January 11th, 2024 4:00 PM

Pretty much everyone is mad at Lil Nas X, and they’ve got a good reason for it. 

Earlier this week, singer and the Devil’s professional lap dancer “Lil Nas X” posted a TikTok video downing communion cups and munching on the wafers in what looked like a church. Naturally, he was ROASTED for the video.

The video presently has just under 4 million views, which is arguably way less than the rapper’s other videos. Another video posted right before it showing Lil Nas X hung up on a golden crucifix presently has 13 million views, and some of his other videos are up to 20 million. Nonetheless, critics shared the video on Twitter and it gained tons of backlash. Rightfully so.

Oli London, an avid spokesperson against transitioning kids and other progressive ideas, wrote that Lil Nas X was “mocking the holy practice of communion.” An account with similar views agreed that Lil Nas X was mocking Christianity and urged, “Now do it with Islam. Bet he won't. No balls.”

Lil Nas X is once again mocking Christianity to sell his music as if it hasn't been done a thousand times before.

Now do it with Islam. Bet he won't. No balls.

— Catch Up (@CatchUpFeed) January 10, 2024

Another user said that the rapper “ABHORRENTLY DISRESPECTS JESUS,” and insisted that “He is a vile individual.”

I can’t say I disagree. The practice of holy communion is something for Christians who believe that Jesus died on the cross for their sins. It isn’t a snack, it’s a religious ritual and should only be done by those who are practicing said religion. Lil Nas X’s little skit was a complete mockery of that.

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Many users brought up the fact that if he were doing something in mockery of another religion, he’d be in deeper waters. After all, TikTok didn’t seem to have a problem with the video and even allowed it to spread rapidly on the site. But if Lil Nas X were mocking another religion, I doubt that would be the case. 

One group on Twitter/X wrote, “There’s a lot of alpha in this video tbh. The fact that Lil Nas X can mock Christianity and Jesus and everyone laughs and claps along is very telling of the state Western society is in. We’re not even religious, this is a fact. Imagine if he were mocking Mohammad or Islam. RIP.”

It appears that the video was posted to promote his song/music video that’s set to come out Friday called “J Christ.” On Wednesday, the rapper released the teaser for the song featuring a cultish scene of celebrity lookalikes, including Oprah, Barack Obama, Mariah Carey, and Ed Sheeran, wearing all white and walking in a straight line. At the end of the trailer, Lil Nas X said “B**ch I’m back like J Christ.” Perhaps he thinks his career is rising from the dead? Who knows?  

All I know is that unless Lil Nas X experiences some sort of “come to Jesus” moment in the next 12 hours, the video will be released and is likely to feature even more anti-religious bias.

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