Iowa School Shooting: Insight into Suspected Shooter's LGBTQ Ties

January 4th, 2024 4:13 PM

Early Thursday morning a disturbed individual entered Perry High School in Iowa and fired shots resulting in “multiple gunshot victims.” The suspect has been identified, and it turns out he was a deeply disturbed young man named Dylan Butler who reportedly had numerous ties to the LGBTQ community.

Keep in mind, this story is ongoing. Details are still being released and are subject to change. But so far, reports indicate that the shooting started around 7:37 a.m., just before school began for the day. AP News reported that "Police said a sixth grader was killed and five other people were wounded by a 17-year-old suspect in the shooting Thursday."

Daily Mail reported that Butler is the suspected Iowa shooter who shot at people and then shot and killed himself. 

According to images obtained from Butler’s TikTok account, the alleged shooter, who was reportedly a senior at the school, posed with a blue duffel bag on the ground of a bathroom stall and captioned it, “now we wait.” That image was posted “hours before the shooting took place,” Daily Mail indicated and the song “Stray Bullet” was supposedly playing in the background.

Other strange posts from Butler include one of him playing at a children’s playground pretending to be in a gunfight and using sticks as guns. Butler also once shared an image of graffiti that read “LOVE YOUR TRANS KIDS” and had the gay pride flag in his TikTok bio, according to Libs of TikTok.

His TikTok account has since been deleted. 

There’ve also been reports that Butler identified as “gender fluid,” but again, police haven’t confirmed that.

After these reports spread online, users were shocked, but honestly, not surprised given the mental state the alleged shooter seemed to possess. Here’s a few of those replies:



Others insisted the story would be “memory holed” and posed questions like, “How long before the libs make the shooter the victim?”

This is a tragic and heartbreaking event that needs to be covered to bring awareness to the fact that hurt people hurt people and Butler, if it’s confirmed that he is the shooter, was a hurt individual who needed psychiatric help. But it’s likely this, like the last school shooting that occurred by someone who supported the delusional identities of the LGBTQ mob, will be squashed in the media because it doesn’t fit the establishment narrative.