Jerry Seinfeld Supports Israel Amid Tensions, Visits Tel Aviv

December 19th, 2023 4:43 PM

It’s nice to see a Hollywood celebrity boldly stand up for something they support, even in the face of adversity. 

Seinfeld’s Jerry Seinfeld recently landed in Israel to show his support for the innocent victims of Hamas’ terrorist attacks. Seinfeld received praise on X for his boldness and willingness to proclaim his pro-Israel stance while in such a large spotlight. 

Seinfeld previously showed his support for Israel when he signed a letter with over 400 other Hollywood celebrities calling on Biden to “not rest” until the hostages in Israel were released. Seinfeld doubled down on his pro-Israel stance on Monday when he visited the Holy Land with his wife and children, where he met with the Hostages and Missing Persons Forum headquarters in Tel Aviv for over two hours - longer than expected.

The Seinfeld family got the chance to meet families of Israeli hostages as well as people who’d recently been released from captivity, The Times of Israel noted. 

The outlet also noted that Seinfeld told the families that he feels a “deep commitment to raising awareness around the world about the issue of the hostages” adding that the Seinfeld family felt “deeply affected” in hearing about the stories and experiences of those suffering.

“We thank the Seinfeld family for their moving visit to the families’ headquarters and their unwavering support for the families of the hostages. We are confident that their support will be a significant and important step in our shared mission to bring about the immediate and safe return home of all the hostages” the Hostages and Missing Families Forum stated, according to the Times of Israel. 

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In a video, Seinfeld is spotted wearing a “Bring them home” dog tag to show his support for the safe return of the innocent hostages.

On X, Seinfeld’s support of Israel was thanked.

“THANK YOU,” one user wrote in all caps. The state of Israel official X account welcomed Seinfeld and said, “Thank you for your support” and another wrote “God bless Jerry Seinfeld for coming to Israel at this time to show solidarity with the state of Israel and the Jewish people.”

At the same time however, Seinfeld was blasted for showing support for Israel. Don’t forget, there’s still people in the world who think that Hamas was right for kidnapping, raping and slaughtering innocent Israeli citizens.

“F**k @JerrySeinfeld” one user wrote. “Genocide Jerry Seinfeld will be doing a PR tour for Israel. The mass murder of 20,000 Palestinians is just a joke to him,” another user wrote. Others begged their local area to cancel Seinfeld’s upcoming comedy shows. 

Ultimately, kudos to Seinfeld for boldly showing support for people in Israel. Others should take note and do the same.

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