Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' Film Is Screening In Israel, and Leftists Are TRIGGERED

November 28th, 2023 2:47 PM

Beyoncé has entered the culture wars. 

The singer and filmmaker is under fire from pro-Palestine supporters after announcing her Renaissance concert film is set to be screened in Israel. Once Beyoncé’s Jew-hating fans caught word of this, they started slamming the singer on social media, Newsweek reported.

The movie is a documentary-style film that follows Beyoncé throughout various shows from her Renaissance World tour, taking place both in and outside of the United States. It is set to be released on December 1, including in cinemas in Israel -which didn't sit well with Israel-hating types.

“Pro-Palestinian fans took to social media to slam the singer, criticizing her for championing causes such as civil rights and female empowerment but not taking a stand in the Israel-Hamas conflict,” Newsweek reported.

Some were so irate, they even canceled their tickets to see her show here in the States.

“Since Beyoncé and her team have chosen to double down as capitalists and not heed our calls to cancel the film in Israel, I’ve canceled my tickets like I said I would, and I urge everyone to do the same. We gave them ample time and a deadline, they just don’t care,” one user wrote, along with an image of his refund notification. That same user insisted that “money is more important to her than humanity, ig she truly is a Black capitalist.”

Another wrote, “Come on Beyonce how is that your sister is more vocal about what’s happening in Palestine and you’re not?? Black liberation intersects with Palestinian liberation. If you don’t cancel that movie in Tel Aviv. This shouldn’t even be a debate.”

Rolling Stone shared a positive article about Beyoncés legacy and how the documentary “will reflect the history of a legend — but also a mother, wife, and champion of liberation.” To which a user responded, "It's no coincidence that this article painting Beyonce as a champion of liberation came out on the same day tickets for her film in Tel Aviv, Israel went live. She's nobody's saviour. Just another capitalist who doesn't care about Palestine.” 

Another said that by showing her film in Israel, Beyoncé “is supporting Israel as they are committing a genocide.”

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Will this move be what cancels Queen B? If it were up to the freaks who support Hamas, probably. But while they worked hard to bash her name, other users pointed out how dramatic the cancel vultures were being. 

“A lot of you saying boycott Beyoncé because her movie distributor decided to show her movie in Israel are fake. You didn’t know about Palestine/Israel until it circled around social media, and you’ll forget this too as soon as the next crisis trends,” one wrote on Twitter. Another pointed out how trying to cancel Beyoncé is straight up dumb. “So are tons of other movies. Also, the US is responsible for funding it. Also, the very man who owns this app that you’re tweeting on here just went to Israel.. but you pick Beyoncé to be mad at? Girl get your fake outraged ǎss on somewhere [else],” the user wrote.

As Newsweek pointed out, Beyoncé has yet to go public with her opinions on the Israel/Hamas debate. But back in 2016, she canceled two shows that were set to take place in Israel after civil rights groups insisted she “boycott Israel in support of Palestine.”

Beyoncé hasn’t come out with a statement regarding this recent attempt to cancel her, but for a woman with as much success as she’s had thus far, I wouldn’t be too worried. 

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Hamas sympathizers protest in Upper West Side NYC.

What do they mean by "any means necessary"?

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