Duggar Daughter Suffers Miscarriage, Left Pretends It Was Abortion

February 28th, 2023 12:51 PM

If your grandma is getting oxygen fed through a tube to help her breathe, but then her heart stops beating and she dies, removing the oxygen tube will not kill her. She’s already dead. Same goes if a baby dies in utero and is later removed. The removal of her body doesn’t kill her, she’s already dead.

That’s unfortunately what happened to popular figure Jessa Seewald, formerly known as Jessa Duggar, part of the 19 Kids and Counting reality series on TLC. Seewald and her husband lost their child due to a miscarriage over the Christmas season and needed to pass the baby with a Dilation & Curettage (D&C) procedure. While the child was dead before his or her removal from the womb, internet trolls and the media are spreading the lie that Seewald had an abortion. 

The Seewalds recently broke the news that their fifth child died in the womb in a video called “Heartbreak Over the Holidays” on their YouTube channel. It was a raw, real-life, update in which Jessa told of finding out she’d lost the baby. She said she relied on the Bible, specifically the parts about Job, to remember that even in all of the hardship of losing her child, God is still good. 

In her video she said that she doesn’t regret telling her children that she was pregnant because “even the short life this baby lived did bring so much joy to our home.” She added “even through it all, even through all the struggles we can say, ‘God is good. He loves us. He cares for us.’ I have felt His presence, I have felt His peace, even in the midst of a storm.”

Relying on God is common for the openly Christian family and pro-life family. Unfortunately, some tried using the devastating loss of their child to push in support of abortion. 

These people are demonic.

As mentioned by The Blaze, a Jezebel headline says “Jessa Duggar Seewald Had an Abortion, Even If She Won't Say the Word.” Parade claimed that Seewald had a “life-saving abortion,” and the Arkansas Times said “Health care for me but not for thee” in its headline. 

On Twitter too, of course:  

Thankfully, some people who actually know what they’re talking about came to Seewald’s defense.  

On her own Instagram story on Feb 27, Seewald posted the following after sharing a screenshot of Allie Beth Stuckey’s tweet.

Women have D&C's for many reasons, not all of which involve killing a living human being. The ultrasound revealed I had a missed miscarriage. My baby's heart had stopped beating 3 weeks before I had a D&C. (Btw, this was not my first D&C— it was my second. My first was 2 weeks postpartum Ivy's birth for retained placenta.)

Each person is created 'in the image of God' (Gen 1:27), and to purposefully destroy a baby in the womb is an affront to the God who created that life.

There's a world of difference between someone dying and someone being killed. To equate one to the other— and to a mother grieving the loss of her baby no less— is severely distasteful. There is a world of difference between a mortician and a murderer. Even a child understands the difference between the two.

It really is a shame that the left is using the Seewalds heartbreaking loss to try to justify more babies being killed. 

They didn’t want their child to die. Abortion supporters do.