Taylor Swift Casts 'Trans Man' Love Interest In New Music Video

October 25th, 2022 1:18 PM

Taylor Swift is so bad at keeping men around that her latest love interest is actually a woman.

In an Instagram post, pop singer Swift shared a teaser for her upcoming music videos for her album "Midnights." As we all know, Swift’s tract record with men is — well, trash — so for one music video, the singer resorted to casting a transgender man as her love interest. 

Transgender model Laith Ashley was born a female but has since transitioned to identify as a male. Biologically however, Ashley’s DNA indicates her actual gender … female. Nonetheless, Ashley was spotted shirtless in bed in the trailer to Swift’s music video. 

Swift shared the a trailer of a mashup of her upcoming music videos for her new album on Instagram to her 229 million followers. Presently the video where Swift caresses the naked back of the transgender love interest has more than 3,500,000 views, most of which are undoubtedly teenagers as younger ladies are Swift’s main fan base. 


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Daily Wire pointed out that Ashley announced in 2018 that she was a he. GQ reported that Ashely began watching documentaries about transgender people and the model claimed “I thought, ‘Oh, my God. This is who I am.’ I was so filled with fear. In my mind, I still wanted to be my parents’ little girl.’”

Now Ashley has chest hair, sharp facial features, a full beard, and what appears to be a bulge in the numerous boxer pics that flood her Instagram. 

The whole situation is a little cringe but what’s even more annoying is the fact that singers can’t just, ya know, do their jobs and sing. Swift feels the need to pander to the leftist mob by promoting transgenderism and trying to normalize it for teenagers. 

Taking hormones to modify your appearance, cutting off your breasts, and getting a fake penis sewn to your crotch is NOT normal behavior, no matter what Taylor Swift wants people to think.

This isn’t the first time Swift has peddled the progressive/woke narrative. 

In 2019 she created an awkward music video for Pride month that was LGBTQ-themed for her song “You Need to Calm Down.” In 2020, she endorsed Joe Biden in the presidential race and, as Breitbart News reported, Swift announced that abortion and gay rights were top-tier issues for her when choosing a candidate. Swift also admittedly didn’t like former president Donald Trump. 

Her inclusion of a transgender male in her music video wasn’t surprising given her track record.