WEAK! Mumford Member Caves, Apologizes for Praising Anti-Antifa Book

March 10th, 2021 1:09 PM

Whoever Mumford is, he seems to have one less son than he thought. No actual man would wilt before the woke Twitter mob like Mumford & Sons banjo player and lead guitarist Winston Marshall. 

Marshall recently tweeted support for a book by independent journalist Andy Ngo that documents Antifa’s radical violence. Predictably, lefty Twitter hordes slammed Marshall. He immediately bowed down to the wokies and apologized for endorsing something that “offended a lot of people.” Pathetic. 

 Marshall was apologizing for noticing Antifa’s mayhem. He was rewarded with another social media lambasting, this time, from the right. 

Antifa is a wild hate group that brutally attacks. One user said they “support burning, looting, harassing, mobbing, killing, banning books, words, ideas, and people, defunding police, revoking civil rights, and dismantling the common law, our western traditions, and our inherited way of life, by any means necessary.” Yet, Marshall feels bad for supporting a journalist who exposes them. 

In his apology, Marshall said he was “taking time away from the band to examine my blindspots.” It sounds like his band put him in the time-out chair since his book recommendation directed them towards cancelation.  

Sure, Marshall wanted to remain in the band but you’d think his mates would realize that they aren’t in fact a crew unless they support one another. Who the heck cares if he liked a book or not?! This is the exact facism the book is trying to fight against.