ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy' Pushes for Gun Control, Keeps Up Abortion Propaganda

April 24th, 2023 12:32 AM

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is at it again, promoting the leftist agenda in their most recent episode.

In season 19, episode 16, “Gun Powder and Lead,” the writers predictably push the anti-gun agenda while peddling the ‘weapons of war’ myth.

In the beginning of the episode, a man enters the hospital with health issues. The doctors proceed with a medical scan and determine that he has bullets inside of him that are causing the symptoms he has been experiencing. 

The character explains that he was a survivor of a mass shooting at a grocery store years prior and that the doctors who had treated him at that time told him it would be safer not to remove the bullets.

After the medical scan scene, Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) goes on a rant about how he doesn’t recognize the country anymore and how ‘weapons of war’ are being carried in the streets. 

This is factually incorrect. ‘Weapons of war’ are not on the streets, at least legally. AR-15’s are semi-automatic guns, as in the user needs to pull the trigger to fire each shot. But why let facts get in the way of a good pro-gun control narrative?

Dr. Hunt: You will not believe what I have been dealing with today.

Dr. Altman: You ok? 

Dr. Hunt: We removed, uh-- [clears throat] bullet fragments from a mass shooting survivor today. And while we were in the ER, there were two more shootings. [Sighs] I-- I don't recognize our country anymore. Weapons of war in grocery stores, at parades and schools, active shooter drills in third grade. We used to be horrified, you know? We used to grieve as a nation. But now-- now it happens so frequently, we don't even blink. And nothing changes. And I feel hopeless.

And, of course, no mention about the lives that could have potentially been saved and injuries avoided had there been a good guy with a gun to immediately intervene. Also, there was no mention of the crimes committed with guns in states and cities with strict gun control laws. 

Pro-abortion storylines have been ongoing since the show’s return following a mid-season break.

In episode 8 titled, 'All Stars,’ a step-by-step abortion was preformed and in other episodes they depicted pro-lifers as violent bloodthirsty maniacs.

This latest episode also blended in some more pro-abortion propaganda.

The drama escalates when a ‘crazed' pro-lifer enters the hospital pretending to have medical issue, with the real intention of confronting Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) over her involvement in abortion procedures. He makes some bizarre stalker-like remarks about her personal life and family, which throw her into a tizzy. The 'crazed' pro-lifer is tackled and removed from the hospital.

After the incident, Dr. Bailey goes on a tirade in front of Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) accusing the pro-lifers who have been speaking out against her as dangerous religious hypocrites.

Dr. Montgomery: Ok. Come on. Yell at me. Pretend I'm him or them. All of them. What do you want to say? Yell it at me.

Dr. Bailey: No, I'm not.

Dr. Montgomery: Miranda, he knew your daughter's full name.

Dr. Bailey: He knew my daughter's full name. He threatened my child. You-- you would hurt a four-year-old girl. In the name of life? As if you give two craps about life or about children or about the welfare of any other human other than your own self-righteous-- I mean, as if you actually cared about making the world a better place. As if, as if you listen to anything your own religion tells you. But you would hurt a child-- my child-- for what? Just to prove a point? And then you have the nerve to call yourself pro-life? Well, shame on you. No, you are what is wrong in this world. Not me, not my family, not my child, you sick son of a--. 

Dr. Montgomery: No. Because my mother used to say, "kill 'em with kindness.' 

Dr. Bailey: I just wish that I could kill them with the truth. 

Dr. Montgomery: Maybe there's a way we can do both.

Still no mention of the dozens of domestic terrorist attacks against pro-life centers over the past year or so.