Indoctrination: 50 Schools Given $10k To Promote LGBT Ideology

July 22nd, 2022 12:11 PM

If you thought the woke material in schools could not get any worse, it just did. As people on the left deny that there’s LGBT propaganda in schools, here comes another story that proves them wrong. 

According to the Daily Caller, the LGBT organization “It Gets Better Project” has given 50 school districts $10,000 to promote their radical ideologies. 

According to the group's press release, the LGBT activist group has given grants to 50 school districts that submitted woke project proposals. “We are so excited to finally be able to announce all of the grant recipients, with each school receiving the full $10,000 in funding,” the press release reads. “Fifty grants are being awarded in 40 states plus Washington D.C., including many traditionally conservative areas. Submissions were received from a wide range of small rural towns, average-sized suburbs, and large urban cities.” Some of the radical projects the group has created include the “gender-affirming closet” that helps trans kids “find their true self,” funding remodeling “single gender-lavatories” to gender-neutral bathrooms, and labeling parents as abusive for not mutilating their children. Not only does the group support abusing mentally ill children, but the group encourages kids to run away from home. 

Indiana Carmel High School, with the support of the LGBT group, is sponsoring a GoFundMe to help a student run away from home! “Hello, we are the CHS Gender Sexuality Alliance, and we are fundraising on behalf of a Carmel High School student who needs to raise money to get out of an abusive household,” the GoFundMe reads. “He cannot fundraise for himself because if his mom caught him trying to raise this money himself his situation would get exponentially worse.” Instead, the anti-family activist group wants to have a young boy go behind his mother’s back so he can mutilate himself. Sick stuff!

The IDEA North Mission College Prep in Texas has the most ambiguous and scariest proposed projects. The LGBT students at the school plan to create a region-wide conference for Queer Youth. “[The school is ] looking to create a region-wide Queer Youth Conference where Queer youth across south Texas can come together,” the “It Gets Better Project” states. “The primary objective is to make schools safer and more inclusive. This will be tailored to the Queer Youth that are spread out through their high schools.” Maybe the schools should be funding programs that do not support radical sexual beliefs. 

The radical LGBT lefties are continuing to infiltrate the education system, and it won’t be long before this happens at a school near you!