Abortion-Loving Mark Hamill Compares Adoptive Parents to Deranged Supervillians

July 6th, 2022 10:16 AM

Leftist Actor Mark Hamill defends the evil act of abortionAnother woke Hollywood lefty is on the loose with more terrible takes on abortion. So get your lightsaber, because Star Wars actor Mark Hamill just gave one that’ll make you wish you were getting force-choked.

Hamill took to Twitter to portray couples willing to adopt babies to the mentally deranged DC supervillains Joker and Harley Quinn.

Following a common theme on left-wing Twitter, Hamill demonized couples willing to adopt babies from unplanned pregnancies as malicious, discrediting the 36 couples that wait for every one baby that is adopted. Instead of allowing the baby to grow up in a household, Hamill would rather see the baby murdered. 

Sick stuff.

But is it that surprising coming from this lefty loony? Does Mark Hamill forget his most famous role involves a character that is adopted into a family to give him a better life? What Hamill doesn’t want known is that he reportedly pressured his son’s former girlfriend into almost having an abortion. When Los Angeles model Maegan Chen was pregnant with Hamill’s grandchild, he advocated for getting rid of the baby. 

“Mark told me it was just crazy to bring a child into the world that no one wanted,” Maegan told LifeSiteNews. “No one asked me if I wanted her, but I did at that point.” Thankfully Maegan did not go through with the abortion, and the child Mark wanted dead still lives. Guess Luke did go to the dark side. 

Since the overturn of Roe, the Hollywood left has been in a complete nuclear meltdown. It's not shocking that the woke Jedi decided to make such a despicable comment.