'The Plot Against America': America 'Taken Back' By Fascists Called 'Familiar' By Critics

March 24th, 2020 12:01 AM

In these stressful times, we can take comfort in the fact that some things never change. One of those things, sadly, includes the fact that liberals will always spend their time force-feeding us leftist propaganda. HBO’s limited series The Plot Against America does just that by recreating their infamous 2016 defeat through a despicable anti-Semite “taking back” America in 1940.

The March 23 episode continues to follow the rise of Charles Lindbergh’s (Ben Cole) political campaign for president. The show never lets us forget what an anti-Semitic fascist Lindbergh was and most of the characters have serious doubts that the man could win. In fact, the episode shows several scenes of people, usually Herman Levin (Morgan Spector), reminding us that Lindbergh is a “fascist putz.”  

Therefore, it comes as a disappointment to most of them when Rabbi Lionel Bengelsdorf (John Turturro) gives a publicized speech in support for Lindbergh. Of course, the conversation quickly switches to the idea that Lionel was simply paid off to “kosher” Lindbergh for the public.



Monty: Pompous son of a bitch, huh? Knows everything. It's a shame he doesn't know anything else.

Philip: What's that mean?

Monty: It means the good rabbi's getting a little too smart for his britches.

Herman: Does that idiot think one single Jew is gonna go out and vote for this anti-Semite because of that stupid lying speech? I mean, what does he think he's doing?

Alvin: Koshering Lindbergh.

Herman: Koshering what?

Alvin: They didn't get him up there to talk to Jews. They didn't buy him off for that. Don't you understand? He's up there talking to the goyim. He's giving all the good Christian folks of this country their personal rabbi's permission to vote for Lindy an-- and not to think themselves Nazis or-- or anti-Semites. Can't you see what they just got the great Lionel Bengelsdorf to do?

Evelyn: Oh, my God.

The thought process Alvin (Anthony Boyle) has is not too far from how most liberals treat any minority who’s not a liberal. The cries of “prop,” “Uncle Tom,” and “gender traitor” are common to non-white or female conservatives, regardless of what they actually say or believe. Far be it for people like these to consider minorities to have individual thoughts.

Now’s the time to also remind viewers that Donald Trump is hardly an anti-Semitic fascist like this Charles Lindbergh. And minority conservatives are hardly the paid-off spokespeople Lionel is turning out to be. That, unfortunately, doesn’t stop the obvious comparisons media types still like to give this show.

The real low point of the episode comes by the end where we listen to the presidential election results. In a moment that some reviews called “familiar” and "influenced by the 2016 election," the Levin family slowly comes to terms that the man they’ve hated has “taken back” America in an upset victory. In this time, Alvin also signs up for the army to “kill Nazis.”



Radio announcers: Rhode Island has already been called for Roosevelt, the first decided state of the night. The polls having closed in strategic states. On the East Coast. Connecticut, Alabama and Delaware are tallying up their final ballots, while Massachusetts and Maryland have both been called for Roosevelt. And Virginia and Kentucky have given Lindbergh his first states of the evening. Roosevelt has picked up his home state of New York, while Connecticut and Georgia are both going to Lindbergh. What was predicted by many to be an easy third election for the president is turning into a suspenseful contest of wills. And with Monroe County swinging for Lindy, Florida is looking too close to call. So, we must retract our earlier statement saying returns pointed to Roosevelt taking the state. With results coming in from the west, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona all appear to be going to Lindbergh. California and its 22 electoral votes are still in play.

Soldier: Alvin?

Roosevelt: We shall not look at this as a defeat, but as a right, the right reserved to us by our founding fathers.

Soldier: A yank, eh?

Roosevelt: The guarantee that allows for the will of the people to be heard...

Soldier: You here to fight for King and Country?

Roosevelt: ...To be counted, to be advanced, and to be forever protected.

Alvin: I'm here to kill Nazis.

Radio announcer 6: And there you have it, folks. With President Roosevelt finally making his concession, Charles Lindbergh is the unimpeded winner of this year's presidential election.

Radio announcer 4: ...Greeting a crowd of supporters and well-wishers gathered before him late on election night. The 33rd President of the United States, Charles Augustus Lindbergh.

Lindbergh: Thank you for this campaign. Tonight, we have taken back America!

I’ll give The Plot Against America this: the characters in the show haven’t claimed Russian meddling yet. Still, the clear parallels to 2016 politics are enough to make eyes roll. The fact that these people still can’t get over the election is embarrassing.