Alt-History Series ‘For All Mankind’ Lauds Feminist Icon ‘President’ Ted Kennedy

November 22nd, 2019 8:58 PM

Apple TV’s show For All Mankind is looking to show us an alternate world where the U.S. continued the space race against the Soviet Union. Because of that, there are a lot of butterfly effects in American history, and we’ve just stumbled upon the biggest one. Apparently, we have to stop the discussion on space travel to praise the feminist actions of one President Ted Kennedy.

The November 22 episode “Home Again” takes place in 1974 where the U.S. Space Station is working on finalizing the first man-made station on the moon. However, that’s only one historical event that’s in the news. In a local bar, dozens of women watch with rapt attention as the Illinois State Senate votes to help ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. This historic event was made possible by none other than Ted Kennedy who apparently spearheaded the cause since his presidential inauguration.



Reporter: But now we leave our coverage of Apollo 23 at the hold point to return to our special report. We are down to the final minutes in the vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in the Illinois State Senate, and the tally is very close. Passage of the ERA was declared a top priority of President Ted Kennedy in his inaugural speech, and the last two years have seen a flurry of activity as his administration put on a full-court press in statehouses around the country. As of today, 36 states have ratified the amendment, leaving it only one state shy. Supporters had actually written off the state of Illinois until Republican Governor Ogilvie, in a surprising turn, threw his support behind the amendment early last year Yes, I knew it! which has created something of a political Just a moment. And I'm getting word that the final vote is being cast now. And the vote is yea.

You see, in the pilot, the series referenced that following the Soviet Union landing on the moon in 1969 before the United States, lots of local politicians met to discuss what action to take next. Because of that, Ted Kennedy cancelled his trip to Chappaquidick, meaning he never drove out with Mary Jo Kopechne and left her for dead after crashing off a bridge. From there, he was able to pull off a successful bid for the White House, defeating Nixon. Then, apparently, he was able to make the Equal Rights Amendment part of the U.S. Constitution, something that Vulture notes has yet to happen in 2019.

For the record, though, not everything is perfect with President Ted Kennedy. The episode later reveals that one reason Kennedy was able to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment was by giving an Illinois company license to construct parts for the space station, parts that later proved to fatally malfunction in a recent mission. Then again, media support for Ted Kennedy never let preventable deaths stop them.

It’s shameful that the left still lionizes a man who left a woman to die. It’s even worse that they construct an imaginary reality where that same man can become president and enact their politics. For All Mankind’s desire to rewrite history is clearly turning into one big liberal fantasy.