Conservative, Christian Celebs Slam Planned Parenthood Videos

July 23rd, 2015 1:53 PM

Liberal Hollywood might try to silence Christian and conservative voices but it doesn’t always succeed. To be heard, Christian and conservative actors and athletes have used their platforms on Facebook and Twitter to “come out,” so to speak, on hot-button topics.  

After the release of two damning videos showcasing the casual bartering of aborted baby parts by Planned Parenthood representatives, actress Stacey Dash, actor Kevin Sorbo and NFL player Benjamin Watson lambasted the taxpayer-funded abortion giant on Twitter.

Stacey Dash ("Clueless"), an outspoken critic of liberal politics in Hollywood and presenter at last year’s Media Research Center’s Dishonors Awards, challenged Planned Parenthood in a series of tweets. Dash went after both Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and Dr. Mary Gatter who flippantly mentioned selling baby parts for a Lamborghini.

She also made a larger point about abortion targeting black babies, tweeting, “#BlackLivesDontMatter to #PlannedParenthood.”

Of course, Dash attracted haters who didn’t appreciate her using the race-baiting hashtag to make a point about abortion.

Dash also re-tweeted several of her followers who expressed disgust at Planned Parenthood.

Former "Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo, an outspoken Christian and critic of liberal politics, expressed revulsion at the videos as well.  In response to the second video with Gatter, Sorbo tweeted out, “How is this not disgusting to the vast majority out there that value human life?!!”

Benjamin Watson, tight end for the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, also criticized the videos. He tweeted and wrote on Facebook:

Watson often shares his conservative and Christian viewpoints on social media. Last November, a blog post about the Darren Wilson trial that Watson wrote went viral. CNN decided to interview him at that point, but when he started talking about sin and Jesus Christ, he was conveniently cut off the air.

Dash, Sorbo and Watson are not alone. Actors James Woods and Patricia Heaton were among the first celebrities to bash Planned Parenthood after the first video was released. Let’s hope their numbers continue to grow.