ESPN's Woke ESPYs Did Not Disappoint

June 22nd, 2020 7:37 AM

“I think the hardest thing to be, in 2020, is reasonable. To be reasonable in an unreasonable time is a true mark of rebellion right now; that is defiance. It’s in short supply.”

That was said on ESPN Radio by conservatively contrarian, Will Cain, on Friday.

On Sunday, however, many unreasonable thoughts were put front and center during ESPN’s virtual ESPYs award show, hosted by Russell Wilson, Megan Rapinoe, and Sue Bird. Unsurprisingly, it was the most woke ESPYs yet.

And before cancel-culture comes after me, let me be clear. No, of course it is not unreasonable to believe that all black lives should have equal value in this country. In fact, that is exactly what reasonable thinking looks like.

But that was not the narrative or the agenda pushed Sunday night.

The awards show opened with a lecture from all three hosts in Black Lives Matter shirts.



Just in that clip, there are numerous flaws presented as gospel truth that speaks to a heavily leftist political narrative. And, to the emotionally provoked, all of it sounds so good… until one digs deeper into the content of what they are saying.

“Believing black people and just not in instances of police brutality and then finding your lane to get educated and amplify is the first step.”

Sounds good, right? Okay… Well, what happens when a black person gets a fact wrong? Do we still believe them solely because they are black?

Or, what if, God forbid, certain black people disagree with other black people? What if a select group does not agree with certain premises that Colin Kaepernick, for instance, promotes? What if they do not agree with the "necessity" of dismantling the police (a policy Kaepernick has explicitly promoted since 2017), support his portraying cops as pigs, or wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt while supporting parts of his dictatorship?

What if they do not want to drink the woke Kool-Aid or kneel to this "heroic" social justice warrior? They’re black, too, right? So, who do we “believe,” Ms. Rapinoe?

We already saw this problem with the logically flawed “believe all women” campaign slogan promoted by the Me Too movement (apparently I never received the memo that both women and people of color are now omniscient.)

This leads to the next point; one that ESPN was so kind to bring to the forefront of the ESPYs. Intersectionality is the new currency: Either get on board or get canceled.




“We will not stop until we are free.”

Let that sink in for a minute…

Nobody can objectively state that people are not free in the United States of America in the year 2020. And certainly, not when comparing this country to every other country throughout the entirety of global history.

So, if freedom is truly what everyone is fighting for, then why is anyone fighting at all?

Additionally, with this intersectional manner of thinking, people are no longer individuals. They are just a part of a group that tells them how they should think/feel/believe/vote. Life is merely a group-think project, and there is little-to-no personal decision making involved.

And if one dares cross their group boundary, then they are considered a “traitor”, “sellout”, “Uncle Tom”, or any number of other horrible names. And this is what brings it back full-circle. To be reasonable, in an unreasonable time, is rebellious. So, here's to the true rebellion of our times. One that ESPN and the mainstream media will never promote.