Several California High Schools Cancel Games Over COVID

September 8th, 2023 12:48 PM

Several high schools in California cancelled football games that were scheduled for this weekend. Matchups between Los Angeles-area schools Santa Paula and La Cañada High School, Bay-area schools Esparto, and Amador Nordhoff and Agoura were all cancelled.

Was it because of weather? No. Was it because of tragic incidents that took place at these schools? Thankfully, that wasn‘t the reason either.

All of these games were cancelled because of a COVID-19 outbreak at least one of the schools in these matchups.

According to Nordoff head coach Dillon Lowen, his squad had so many players out with the sickness that he couldn’t even get enough players to practice.

“We did not have enough to put 11 healthy players on the field,” Lowen said. “It was a rough weekend.”

What’s really rough is that in 2023, we’re still cancelling sporting events because of COVID.

California had some of the strictest vaccination laws in the country during the pandemic, and a high majority of Californians had to get the jab. So one would think that if the vaccine prevents COVID that stuff like this shouldn’t be happening two years after the vaccine craze was at its peak.

Or, maybe the vaccine doesn’t do what the government said it would do, and this is just the latest example proving that point.