Reporter Gets Owned on Social Media for Saying Football Fans Only Yell 'F--- You' at Black Coaches

September 6th, 2023 9:58 AM

Race-baiters in today’s sports media aren’t often held accountable for spreading faulty narratives, but that thankfully wasn’t the case earlier this week.

On Monday, Dallas Cowboys reporter Clarence Hill Jr. tweeted - or X'd - that college football fans only shouted derogatory phrases at black coaches. Hill used an example of a group of Texas Christian University (TCU) football fans yelling “f— you” at Colorado coach Deion Sanders during a game between the two schools on Saturday.

In a since-deleted tweet, Hill claimed that college football fans would never say such things to a white coach, specifically Alabama coach Nick Saban or North Carolina coach Mack Brown.

Hill deleted his tweet because college football fans, as well as football analysts like CBS Sports' Danny Kanell, were quick to respond to videos such as this, where we hear Texas Longhorns fans yelling a rather unfriendly greeting at Saban before a game last year.

Before Hill was able to delete his ill-advised post, one user reminded Hill that there was no way he could outrun his stupidity.

Fans don’t consider the skin color of an opposing coach when they yell out phrases like this. If you’re the leader of the opposing team, you'll have all sorts of unpleasantries thrown your way.

But, I guess Hill just conveniently wasn’t on the sidelines at any college or professional games to hear white coaches get yelled at, or maybe he chose to ignore them to make a stupid point.