Kaepernick Uses Contract With Nike to Earn Money...Despite Hating Capitalsim

July 25th, 2023 11:58 AM

Colin Kaepernick has made it clear that he hates capitalism…or does he?

The former NFL quarterback hasn't had a job playing professional football in quite some time now, in large part because he habitually trashes and demonizes the league he claims he wants to work for again. As a result, he needs a way to make money. But, writing communist books and creating a Netflix mini-series - both of which were sold in a capitalist market - seems to not be enough for Kaepernick (shocker).

He recently posted a video in which he recorded a workout with several current NFL players who all sang his praises. The video was produced at Nike’s headquarters, since Kaepernick is still under contract with the company and earns money by promoting the brand.

Wait a second. So the guy who has said in the past that “black liberation simply isn’t possible under capitalism” is all of a sudden using capitalism to make money?

It’s almost like he knows that capitalism is a viable way for people to earn money (regardless of your skin color), despite the narrative he tries to push.

Maybe he’s really the one who supports a worldview that could keep black people in a cycle of poverty and obscurity. But as his last actions have proven Kaepernick isn’t the best at being consistent.