MLB Reportedly Won't Force Teams to Wear Pride Jerseys

June 15th, 2023 10:25 AM

Major League Baseball (MLB) is in the middle of a crisis with the LGBT agenda. The league has figured out the hard way that a lot of its players aren’t brainwashed into supporting this toxic agenda, and several players have made those beliefs public, including Anthony BassMatt Dermody, and Blake Treinen.

Furthermore, the Tampa Bay Rays decided to not force players to wear rainbow-themed jerseys for its Pride celebration on Saturday. The move came in response to a situation that took place in 2022 in which several Christian players chose not to wear pride-themed jerseys.

Because of these recent developments, reports have emerged that the league will no longer force teams to have players wear rainbow-themed uniforms on a Pride Night. The league apparently removed this requirement at an owner’s meeting in February to avoid creating conflict. Despite the new rule change, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants are still choosing to wear their pride jerseys; what more would you expect from two California teams?

The league is obviously keeping this on the down low, because they don’t want to lose favor with the LGBT demographic. But despite the MLB’s half-hearted attempt to reverse course, this is still a positive development. It seems that the courage of the men who didn't bow to this ideology has paid dividends.

The MLB is the second major American sports league to begin to reverse course on supporting the LGBT agenda. The National Hockey League (NHL) has considered banning Pride Nights altogether due to the growing number of teams and players who don’t want to support the agenda.