Male Disc Golfer Wins Women's Virginia Tournament After California Ban

May 26th, 2023 11:13 AM

Earlier this month, organizers of a disc golf tournament in California won an appeal to uphold a ban that prevented a biological male from competing in the women’s division.

However, the athlete who claims to be a woman but is really a man, Natalie Ryan, didn't let that stop him from finding other ways to compete. Last weekend, Ryan competed in the Lake Marshall Open in Montross, Va. in the women’s division - and won.

Ryan finished the tournament with a 24-stroke lead over second-place finisher Debbie Yoo - a real woman. To put into perspective how absurd of a margin that is in the world of disc golf, 23 strokes separated the top finisher in the male division from the guy who finished in 22nd place.  

Ryan took home a $356 prize for winning the women’s category, which he shouldn't have been allowed to earn in the first place (no pun intended). 

The results of this tournament are unfortunately all-too reminiscent of the same level of dominance Lia Thomas showed when he decided to swim in the female division. Once again, we have a male who has spent little time in the women’s division and yet is obliterating his opponents.

We don't need more evidence that allowing men to compete against women is categorically unacceptable. If we are serious about protecting women’s sports, we need to draw strong boundaries that lunatics like Ryan should never be allowed to cross.