Eco-Nuts Aim to Prevent UK’s Grand National Horse Race

April 14th, 2023 12:53 PM

Grand National steeple chase Watched by more than a half-billion people worldwide, the annual Grand National steeplechase horse race is set for tomorrow, but not without the protest of climate alarmists/animal rights activists. A reporter learned in advance about their plans to disrupt the event at the British village of Aintree, but the grueling, 4.3-mile race between 40 horses is going on as planned, as it has since 1839.   

For many fans, the Grand National is a national institution in the UK. It’s considered the greatest steeplechase, and the endurance course includes 30 jumps over fences, water and open ditches. It is definitely hard on horses, two of which died last year, many more through the years. The animal rights groups Animal Rising claims the race represents the “broken relationship” between humans and nature.” And it’s the “root cause of our climate and ecological crises.” Talk about a wild leap! 

Multiple people plan to heal that relationship by preventing the race from starting. An Animal Rising statement said teachers, nurses and others will demonstrate “for all life and really beginning the crucial conversation about our broken relationship with other animals.” 

This sets up a showdown between the eco-nuts and a robust force that annually polices this Grand National. Local police and the race sponsor, the Jockey Club, have been preparing for months to ensure the safety of participants. 

“We respect the right to peaceful protest and expression of views, but public order or criminal offenses will not be tolerated and will be dealt with robustly,” a police spokesperson said. 

Animal Rising’s radicalism extends far beyond a horse race. It also aims to create a safe, sustainable plant-based food system that will free up 70 percent of farmland to be re-wilded “to allow nature to recover, whilst still providing enough nutritious food for our growing population. It makes our rivers and seas cleaner, our air easier to breathe. Wild animals, bees and butterflies will return and flourish as animal farming and fishing comes to an end.” 

I did not know the masses were straining just to breathe. 

The cruel suffering enacted upon animals is “at the heart of our climate and ecological emergencies,” the Animal Rising wackos state on their website. Animal farming and fishing are threatening our collective future, destroying the land, forests and oceans. What’s worse, these radicals say, is that the exploitation of animals is “directly responsible for global heating, extreme weather events, food insecurity and the mass loss of wildlife and nature.” 

Let's see if we can get this right. A horse race with a 184-year tradition has not destroyed the planet. Now, after all these years of steeple chasing in the British countryside. If tomorrow's race goes off as planned, we will all be doomed. I'd call this a gross case of misinformation by eco-nuts.