NBA To Trim Spending, Hiring Due To ‘Economic Headwinds’

April 12th, 2023 12:21 PM

LeBron James coronating himself king This is a story of going woke, going broke, and it’s the culmination of the NBA alienating its fanbase. The league is said to be bracing for financial troubles, and there is no indication that its Chinese overlords can help. 

New York Times report states that the NBA’s league office will cut spending and restrict hiring for the rest of this year. The austerity measures are due to “economic headwinds,” a memo from league executives Kyle Cavanaugh and David Haber revealed. 

The memo additionally says the NBA is “facing a very different economic reality than just one year ago. We are seeing significant challenges to achieving our revenue budget with additional downside risk still in front of us.” 

Outkick’s David Hookstead explained that the woke league experienced layoffs in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. This time, the league is scaling down because it fears “the economy teetering on a recession.” 

Hookstead also addressed the going woke, going broke factor and its repercussions on the NBA, which has seriously alienated sports fans. He said the basketball league veers directly into wokeness at every opportunity. Of course, that doesn’t play well in red states. 

NBA players have gone out of their way to support criminals, Marxist-based Black Lives Matter, Democrat politicians, the LGBTQABCD fascists and more. Citing LeBron James as a prime example, the NBA is far more concerned with manufactured woke issues at home than the grievous human rights abuses overseas in China — its largest market. Slave labor there is completely ignored as long as NBA owners and players mop up huge profits from Chinese sources. 

Then there was the time that James doxed a police officer who shot a teenage girl who was about to stab another girl. He is the face of the NBA, and due to his woke, PC priorities, it’s not a face that appeals to all. In the photo, the narcissist’s narcissist coronated himself as “king.” 

The NBA’s urban rap culture is a huge turn-off, and it’s no wonder that the league’s television viewers for its marquee event, the NBA Finals, have dropped off by the tens of millions in recent decades. 

The NBA is also suffering from a Biden economy and inflation adversely impacting large and small businesses. ESPN is preparing to cut positions, Walmart is closing half of its Chicago stories, the tech industry is suffering and the stock market is wobbling

Americans can easily weather the NBA’s financial woes, but other repercussions to the economy are much more serious for people raising families and seniors on fixed incomes.